How to convince people with words and achieve what you want?
How to convince people with words and achieve what you want?

At school we are not taught to convince people and achieve what we want with words, but often this skill makes life much easier and makes it better. How to professionally crush, manipulate and convince others? Several psychological tricks from experienced speakers and manipulators.

The modern world is the art of communication. Most of your life depends on how you can communicate with others and get what you want from them. This applies to personal life, friends and career. Your opponents will be different, but the ability to win and convince the interlocutor in disputes will definitely come in handy.

How to convince people with words and achieve what you want?

To become closer to a person. Show how much you have in common with the interlocutor. These can be similar interests, opinions, hobbies, hobbies. Compliment or flatter gently. It is much easier to convince a person who feels like you and has sympathy.

Make the person owe. Treat a man with coffee today, give him a little present or do him a favor. Tomorrow you can ask for a return favor. The person will feel morally indebted to you.

Speak quickly and confidently. Use eloquence to convince the other person. Don't be shy about the flow of words. Speech speed indicates confidence in the speaker's words. Use arguments, facts, exaggerations, metaphors.

Take advantage of weak points. Each person has not only armor, but also weak points. Press on nobility, pity, a sense of duty, fame, fame, conceit, selfishness, generosity, kindness and other instincts. You can convince a person by finding the right key.

Become authentic or how to be real yourself
Become authentic or how to be real yourself
Ask a person for $ 100 in debt. He will most likely refuse, but he will feel guilty. Then ask him for $ 10. He will fulfill this request. Always ask for more in order to get less.

Choose the right time. Timing is everything. If a person is out of sorts, busy or does not want to speak, then it is better not even to start. Start talking when the person is in the mood, happy, or on the rise. So you will more likely achieve what you want.

It is not necessary to argue with the interlocutor. Do you want to convince a person, but he says the opposite? Agree, after that the opponent will not be so belligerent. Do not argue directly, but vaguely agree, and then continue to insist and bend your line.

Be assertive in persuading. Sometimes we listen not to more experienced people, but to more assertive people. Active and persuasive people inspire confidence. Be persistent and don't back down.

Give something in return. When you want to convince a person or ask, you need to give something in return. What does the person want to receive and what value can you offer? Motivate the interlocutor. This way you will be more likely to convince your opponent.

Make them agree. Have the person say the word "yes" several times. After that, people are more positive and willing to agree with a lot.

Don't get into quarrel or conflict. How to get what you want? Stay calm even if the atmosphere starts to boil. The one who succumbs to emotions loses.

What to do when you don't know where to go?
What to do when you don't know where to go?
It is worth watching not only your tongue, but also your body. Often people do not listen to us so much as they look at the behavior of the interlocutor and draw conclusions. Be open in conversation. Do not cross your arms and legs, do not pinch or slouch. Maintain eye contact and smile.

When you learn to convince people with words, then life will be radically better.

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