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How to be better than yesterday?
How to be better than yesterday?

No matter who you are, you can always upgrade yourself and become better than yesterday. How to become more productive, to keep up with everything, learn to overcome obstacles and be more successful? Quick tips from Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

A few simple, useful rules to help you redefine your life and make it better. But each rule requires understanding and taking it into action. The usual reading will leave you in the same position. If you want to move on, then listen to the giants of this time Elon Musk, Bill Gates and Richard Branson.

How to be better than yesterday?

1. Wake up early. Get up earlier if you want to change something in this life. Even on weekends. But learn to go to bed on time too.

2. Plan for the day. Make a plan for the next day in the evening and prioritize the importance of things to be done.

3. Upgrade your body. Your body's productivity depends on a healthy diet, exercise, and adequate sleep. A running organism is as ineffective as possible, like an old car that needs major repairs.

4. Use money wisely. Invest money and time in knowledge, not a new phone, clothes, entertainment or show-off. Save money and don't waste it. Money is a valuable resource that you diligently mine for a whole month.

Self-development tips
Self-development tips
To be in shape, you need to stick to a diet and exercise 2-3 times a week. But many are lazy and therefore remain ugly all their lives. So not only in sports, but also in work and other matters.
How to be better than yesterday?
How to be better than yesterday?

6. Choose people. Surround yourself with people with similar dreams and goals. Look for interesting professionals and people who have a lot to learn from. Get rid of people who are pulling you back and hindering your development.

7. Conformity. Educate yourself, improve your qualifications and continue to improve in the professional field. Don't stop developing.

8. Cost of time. Little time? You have enough of it if you remove unnecessary habits. Be less lazy, stop hanging out on social networks, turn off the TV, stop watching movies or surfing the Internet.

9. Appreciate yourself. Treat your intelligence and experience as a valuable asset. Learn to respect yourself.

10. Don't accumulate cases. Prioritize things on a 4-point scale. Do it now, do it at a certain time, let someone else do it, don't do it at all. This will allow you not to accumulate cases.

11. Identify your dreams. Review all your dreams and determine what you want the most. Throw out what others impose on you and make your dreams a priority.

12. Practice. The more you do a business, the more professional you become. To study the case, you need to spend 10 thousand hours.

Questions to yourself. 200 self-reflection questions to ask yourself
Questions to yourself. 200 self-reflection questions to ask yourself
For any business, the body needs energy: work, going to the store, playing football, watching TV. You have a certain amount of strength and energy every day. If you get tired, you will be ineffective. Save your strength and do not waste energy.

14. Make a plan for goals. Set clear goals that you want to achieve in the coming years. Make a time-bound plan. What do you need to do to achieve these goals?

15. Stay motivated. Visualize your dream and feel your desires as real. This will keep you motivated and enthusiastic.

16. Accept feedback. Learn to take constructive criticism into account and correct your shortcomings, rather than dismiss such valuable information.

17. Balance of quality and efficiency. The best is the enemy of the good. Try to find a balance between good and great.

18. The importance of communication. We hardly know how to communicate, be friendly, listen to other people and find common ground. Your whole life depends on the ability to communicate with others. Be sure to read a couple of books on communication and start with Dale Carnegie's How to Win Friends and Influence People.

19. Don't give up. This world has seen many talented people give up ahead of their time. They were bypassed by the less intelligent, less talented and less promising. It's all about persistence and perseverance. The ability to stop feeling sorry for yourself and the ability to get up after the blows of fate.

How to be better than the son of my mother's friend?
How to be better than the son of my mother's friend?
The whole problem of people is that they understand everything, but they do nothing. Someone will simply drop the article halfway through, another will finish reading and forget, and the third will save and start acting. The whole secret of success is to do, not wait for a miracle.

Do you want to be better today than yesterday? Luck loves the persistent and energetic.

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