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How to be friendlier
How to be friendlier

Experiencing problems with having good acquaintances, friends, or a girlfriend? Friendliness makes it easier to meet people, make new friends, build social connections and personal life. Be more friendly, it will radically change your life.

The modern world is a world of communication. Most of our life depends on the ability to behave in society. Friendliness is a quality that opens many doors and helps to express oneself successfully in all areas of life.

How to be friendlier

1. Make eye contact. Make eye contact with your interlocutor. During fleeting communication or conversation, you should more often meet your eyes with the interlocutor. This will create a more friendly and friendly relationship. Look into the eyes when shaking hands, when meeting and communicating.

2. Smile more and more. Smiling is the easiest way to look attractive for friendship. This does not mean that you need to constantly walk with an artificial smile. Start smiling more often and more willingly by 30-50% than usual. This will make you much more attractive to communicate, and you will look more friendly. Just smile on the street and when talking to other people.

3. Be open. Body language sometimes speaks of a person's isolation and unwillingness to communicate. How to look more friendly? Straighten up, do not slouch, do not cross your arms, do not pinch. Look calm, confident, but not aggressive.

How can you change your environment? Who are you friends with? You look like those around you
How can you change your environment? Who are you friends with? You look like those around you
We are attracted to funny people who can light-heartedly laugh at a joke and amuse others themselves. Laughter sets up a positive wave and makes a person more friendly.

5. Start a conversation and be sociable. Friendliness is the ability to speak to a stranger as if you have known each other for a long time. Try to connect with strangers, start a conversation, exchange opinions and have a conversation.

6. Learn to conduct a conversation. Learn to talk about small things and find topics for conversation with the interlocutor, instead of a forced silence. When talking, take into account the nature and interests of the interlocutor. Try to talk about what he enjoys, what excites and interests him. Friendly communication with the aim of giving a person to speak and share their opinion. Listen and ask more suggestive conversations than speak yourself.

7. Be a positive conversationalist. Try to choose positive topics for communication, not gossip, negativity, anger or envy. Such negative people are not attracted. Be more positive, open and friendly.

8. Call the interlocutor by name. The sweetest sound for a person is his name. Always remember the name of the people you meet and use it periodically in conversation. This will make you an order of magnitude better than those around you.

9. Give compliments. People love to be complimented and praised even for little things. It's always nice to hear a well-deserved and sincere compliment. Express encouragement by the appearance, qualities, behavior and character of the interlocutor. But try not to fall into rude flattery. Compliments are important for being friendly with people. Do not forget it.

Ways to manipulate and control people
Ways to manipulate and control people
Each person considers himself important and worthy of attention. Take an interest in the mood, business, hobbies, health, family, psychological state of the interlocutor.

11. Open up in conversation. Friendliness implies more trusting communication. Tell us about your feelings, emotions or an interesting situation from the past. It is not necessary to tell the innermost secrets, but you can share what you usually talk about with people you know or friends.

12. Get closer to people more willingly. Friendly people are more likely to go for a walk, play sports together, or come to a party. Invite people to chat with you yourself. This is one of the foundations of friendliness. Lead an active social life, and don't shut yourself up and stay at home.

Be more friendly and the world will open up to you with all the positive sides.

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