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50 tips to save money
50 tips to save money

How can you cut down on your daily and routine expenses in order to have more free money? Money saved is money earned again. A budget and thrifty lifestyle does not mean that it will be hard or boring. At school and university, we are not taught how to spend money correctly, which then greatly affects our lives. Excess money did not bother anyone. People often lead lavish lifestyles and have poor control over their spending, easily spending their hard earned money. But you can always cut costs without significantly compromising your lifestyle. Useful tips that everyone should keep and remember.

50 tips to save money

1. Buy non-perishable food in small wholesale in markets and large supermarkets.

2. Give up branded clothing, products and other things. We often overpay a lot just for the name.

3. Take food with you to work or study.

4. Buy things through online stores or at discounts.

5. Drive less often, use less taxis and reconsider transportation costs. Cycle and walk more often.

6. Watch closely for prices and fake sales. Don't be fooled.

7. Pay more often with cash, not with a card. This will psychologically allow you to be more economical.

8. Take good care of things, phone, shoes. This will save you from unnecessary waste.

9. Shopaholism or oniomania is a disease. Do not buy things you do not need, but only what you need.

10. Are you spending too much on your other half? Girls sometimes let men around the world with their waste. Replace the girl, if necessary.

11. Buy meat, not sausages, sausages and other substitutes.

12. Give up loans, overdrafts, installments and other deceptions of banks.

13. Choose a more economical Internet tariff for your home and phone. We often have too expensive packages for the Internet and television.

14. Sell unnecessary things and get extra money, not throw it away.

15. Going to the store, make a shopping list, this will avoid unnecessary spending.

16. The pharmacy usually offers the most expensive drugs, look for cheaper and no less effective analogues.

17. Buy energy saving LED bulbs.

18. Watch new movies at home, not in the cinema.

19. When buying in the market, do not hesitate to bargain.

20. Establish the correct modes of operation of devices and reduce the cost of electricity.

21. Make fewer phone calls, choose more optimal tariffs and switch to instant messengers.

22. Save at least 10% of your income and start a coin box.

23. Review your loans and debts. Sometimes you can refinance at a lower interest rate.

24. Don't waste money on the internet on games, casinos and other things.

25. Play sports at home or in the yard. Sometimes, buying dumbbells or an exercise machine will be cheaper than monthly expenses.

26. Use joint purchases with friends when the store sells things on the principle of 1 + 1 = 3.

27. Withdraw money through the card only in partner banks. This way you will avoid spending on commission.

28. Share with friends and familiar things. This is especially important when children are born.

29. Sometimes buying a defective item can save you money.

30. Many things you can do without calling the master. Search YouTube for a topic of interest. Learn to do things with your own hands.

31. Use deodorant instead of expensive eau de toilette. This goes for many similar things.

32. Stop buying coffee on the way and other little things that are dragging money out of your pocket for a penny.

33. Forget the changeable fashion, the main thing is style.

34. Use bonus and discount cards, do not ignore them.

35. Do not go hungry to the store, otherwise unnecessary spending is inevitable.

36. Do not fall for advertising gimmicks, shopping on the couch and other such nonsense.

37. Less alcohol, cigarettes, gambling, and other bad habits.

38. Buying large packages in a store is often more profitable than small ones. For example, you can stock up on coffee for several months in advance.

39. Cook and eat at home more often.

40. Use applications on your phone, they often allow you to purchase things and services at cheaper prices.

41. Live within your means and don't try to splurge. Now you won't surprise anyone.

42. Give up unnecessary services in the phone and in life.

43. Rent things, and do not buy things that are not particularly necessary for a one-time business.

44. Give up new phones, jewelry and expensive hobbies.

45. Buying things or tickets in advance saves money.

46. Going to bars, clubs and other places of entertainment takes up a lot of money.

47. Always take money for work, do not do it for free.

48. Do not lend money to friends and acquaintances, because there is a risk of non-return and loss of good relationships with people.

49. Before buying something ask yourself if you really need it?

50. An oversized wardrobe and many things won't make you happy.

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Write down the tips, and also send your other half if she doesn't know some saving tricks. You can always save money that you get from hard work.

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