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You gotta love yourself more
You gotta love yourself more

Most of the problems people have is that we don't love ourselves enough and let the world hurt us. How can you start loving yourself more to become stronger, more confident, and happier?

“Loving yourself … does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or ignoring others. Rather, it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.”Margo Anand

All your troubles and problems are due to lack of self-love.

How to love yourself more?

1. You respect yourself and do not allow others to treat you differently.

2. You do sports and body work for yourself, not others.

3. You put yourself first when required.

4. You are not afraid to say what you want and refuse what you don’t want.

5. You got rid of unsuccessful and unhappy relationships.

6. You are looking for new people and friends with whom you are interested.

7. You are not afraid to praise yourself in front of others.

8. You always fight back those who are trying to offend.

9. You got rid of negative people in your immediate environment.

10. You defend your values and moral principles.

11. You don't give a chance to people who regularly let you down.

12. You stopped comparing yourself to others.

How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

13. You believe in yourself and your dreams.

14. You are not afraid to apologize if required.

15. You do what you like.

16. You spend your free time on what you are fond of.

17. You have forgiven yourself for all your mistakes long ago.

18. You are persistent in your desires and feelings.

19. You smile more often than you are sad.

20. You have learned to ignore other people's negativity and everyday problems.

21. You are confident in yourself, even if others doubt.

22. You loved yourself before you loved another person.

23. You are happy and enjoying life.

Do you love yourself?

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