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What makes a person poorer
What makes a person poorer

Money doesn't make a person happy, but they definitely try. It's hard to become rich, but it is real. What makes a person poorer and how to avoid it? How to be richer than now?

Some habits lead to the fact that they make us poorer and take money away. But the habits that lead to poverty and low social standards can be eliminated. How to improve your financial condition?

What makes a person poorer

1. Waste unearned money

Banks, loans and installments do not make life easier for people. Banks make money on people when people smile good-naturedly and hand out documents for a loan. Banks live on interest from loans and live very well.

Installment is a loan friend. Buying in installments makes people spend money that they will only earn in the future. As a result, we buy the product not at the best price and in the cheapest place, as if we were buying immediately in cash. We often buy things in installments that we would never have bought with cash. When buying in installments or a loan, the price seems normal, but if you calculate how much you have to pay, everything is not so rosy.

It is permissible to take loans for an apartment, a suddenly broken refrigerator and other similar things. You don't earn much to feed the greedy and greedy cans.

Habits that make a person poorer
Habits that make a person poorer

2. Expectation of Instant Benefit

We often save money on education or health, preferring it over money. But the most profitable investment of money is in education. Poor people take their first job in order to get money tomorrow. Smart people gain knowledge, gain experience and then get better jobs.

Better to spend time looking for the best possible job at the moment than be content with a pitiful tit in your hands. Poor people want everything now. They do not see perspectives and do not calculate several steps ahead.

3. Show-off and money

Oftentimes, the reason for wasting money is the desire to stand out. Buy an iPhone for the last money, so that then go hungry for six months? Splurge in restaurants or expensive gifts? Borrowing a car to show off in front of chicks?

Nowadays you will not surprise anyone with things, travel or throwing money around. Most will look at such a person as a jerk who does not know how to appreciate the money earned. Ponty is the main reason that a rogue is such.

4. Inability to plan expenses

Discount slogan makes poor people open their wallets, but not rich people. You can and should buy things at discounts, but only if you were going to buy. Sales and discounts make people spend more money than he planned. Stop buying into this world-old merchant trick.

5. Keep your money and earn

Most valuable asset
Most valuable asset

Always save money, even if you have extra money in your pocket. Do not seek to get rid of money that "burns your pocket." But the savings must be reasonable. Cars, apartments, travel and a good life are not bought with the money saved on toilet paper. Try to learn how to earn more and look for ways to earn extra money. There are always opportunities, if you don't clap your ears.

Money requires a competent approach to it. Then they will stay with you more often.

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