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Get rid of everything superfluous for new victories, luck and happiness
Get rid of everything superfluous for new victories, luck and happiness

If you want to dramatically improve your life, you should start with simplification. A good and happy life lies in minimalism and the ability to give up unnecessary things. You can reach the pinnacle of success and happiness only by walking light, when you are not burdened with unnecessary things.

How to live more competently and clearly? There are many scientific methods that can systematize life, while dramatically improving it.

Get rid of everything that is superfluous to achieve your goals

Stephen Covey 90/10 Rule

According to the conclusions of life management consultant Stephen Covey, the 90/10 rule applies in life. What does it mean? 10% of our life depends on external factors and 90% of our further reaction to this. Spilled coffee on your pants, late transport, rude at the store? This is 10% of the trouble. But it's worth making your fate even worse. You can get angry at this, wind yourself up all day, or you can just ignore it.

10% in life does not depend on you, but 90% is your reaction and behavior. Even if you had a bad day or trouble surrounded you, it depends on you how you react to it. Got fired? You can always find a better and better paying job. Is the girl gone? You can always find a more beautiful and cooler girlfriend. Life is 90% dependent on you. This is more than enough to achieve the desired goals.

There are no easy ways
There are no easy ways

Say no and don't be afraid

Give up everything that prevents you from living. Toxic people who take away your strength, time, energy and money. Refuse to do someone else's work and do not take on unnecessary obligations. Speak clearly: "I cannot," "I have no time," "I am too busy." Say "no" without even explaining the reasons for the refusal. You don't have to make excuses.

Act in your own interests, not for others. Don't let people use you and your time. Deal with the happiness of your life, not someone else's. Don't let people confuse you with advice, criticism, and gossip.

Make the right choice with 80-90% chances

When analyzing to do or not to do, we often find ourselves at a crossroads. It is not easy to make the right decisions when you are not sure about the result. But no one will ever give a guarantee of 100% success. Finding yourself from the opportunities presented, you risk missing out on all the chances.

Evaluate your success option using a 100-point system. If 80-90% say yes, then go for it. This will help you make more correct, balanced and ideal decisions. Listen to your intuition. Sometimes she knows better than you do. Especially when there is not enough data for information processing and decision making.

Set yourself deadlines

Deadline is the deadline and deadline by which the task must be completed. There is Parkinson's Law, which says the following: "Work fills all the time allotted to it." If you decide to do something and can do it all day, you will do it all day. Set yourself deadlines by which the work should be done, but with a small margin. Set yourself deadlines and you will do more.

How to make life more positive and happy?
How to make life more positive and happy?

Clean up life and set priorities

Throw out the unnecessary from life that interferes. Stop buying a lot of unnecessary things, hoarding junk or doing all sorts of nonsense. Clean up your home, work and personal life. What's stopping you? Down with social networks, checking your phone every 5 minutes, TV, stupid TV shows, computer games and lying aimlessly on the couch.

Identify your most important priorities. What should you be doing? What will improve your life and make you happier? What are your plans for life? What are your goals and dreams?

The top of the dream can be reached faster only by discarding all unnecessary. Get rid of everything superfluous for new victories, luck and happiness …

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