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How to get more time and rest more? Time management tricks
How to get more time and rest more? Time management tricks

The most difficult thing is not to find a balance of personal life and work, but to learn how to manage to do everything: work and rest. How is this possible? You need to be as productive as possible and manage your time efficiently. Some time management tricks to be successful and happy at the same time.

“Living life without a plan is like watching TV with the remote in the wrong hands.” Peter Turla

Each of us has faced the difficulties of harmonious combination of personal life and work. It should be said that you are not alone. Such difficulties are quite common, but quite solvable. Some time management tricks or how to manage your time.

How to get more time and rest more? Time management tricks

1. Make a work plan. Planning ahead helps you be more productive. Planning should be on paper or on your phone, but not in your head. Make a list of tasks that need to be done for today, week, month, six months, year, five and ten years. Planning for short periods of time is essential for productivity. Long-distance planning allows you to maintain the desired motion vector.

2. Set clear deadlines for each task. There is Parkinson's Law: "Work fills the time allotted for it." The volume of work will always increase to fill all the time allotted for work. If you can do it all day, you will do it all day. How can this be used? Set a clear deadline for yourself when the task must be accurately completed with a small margin of time. This will allow you to do the case in a clearly established period of time.

Ways to change thinking
Ways to change thinking
How to get more time and rest more? You will always have a lot of things to do, but the main thing is to be able to determine the degree of their importance. When a task appears, then determine its value. Divide cases according to their importance.

• Important and urgent matters. Some tasks need to be done immediately to avoid problems. Such cases are urgent.

• Important but not urgent matters. These cases can be postponed until later, clearly indicating the time when you need to start them. But constantly postponing can lead to the fact that the case becomes important and urgent. Do not accumulate a pile of such cases, so as not to end up under the rubble later. This procrastination tendency is called procrastination.

• Urgent but not important business. Some things are not very important and insignificant. If possible, it is better not to do it or entrust it to someone else. At work, you can ask a colleague, and at home you can instruct your child to go to the store. Perform this task yourself, if you can do it without prejudice to other matters.

• Not urgent and not important matters. These tasks have little or no meaning to your life and success. The ability to classify tasks as unnecessary is very useful. Try to discard unnecessary things as much as possible.

4. Reduce distractions. We are often distracted by phone calls, messages, emails, and social media. Mute sounds and notifications so you don't twitch every five minutes or get distracted from your work. If some non-urgent task is drawn, write it down in a notebook so that you can return later when you complete the current work.

How am I bored
How am I bored
More often say "no" to business, people and various factors. Stop wasting your free time on other people's affairs that you shouldn't do. Give up the harmful activities that steal your time: social networks, TV, computer games, aimless communication.

6. Break down difficult tasks. The case often looks complicated and difficult to do. Break the task down into small subtasks. Draw the branches of the task on paper until the goal is clearer and simpler. After that, proceed with the gradual execution of the task.

7. Schedule your week. Write down what you did every day and what you did. I walked, lay on the couch, surfed the Internet. Review your notes at the end of the week. This will help you understand how effective you are and what you have been doing all this time.

There is always an opportunity to do more and rest more. This is the secret of success and happiness.

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