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How to have more free time by 30-50%?
How to have more free time by 30-50%?

We are all catastrophically busy that we do not have time to do all the work, take up our personal life, rest and sleep. How to free up your schedule and have more free time? Three effective steps that will help you save 30-50% of time and effort.

Nowadays, everyone is very busy that they hardly sleep or rest. The sea of work and personal affairs has long worn us out to the point of exhaustion. We are like squirrels in a wheel, when increasing speed does not solve the problem, and fatigue accumulates. According to research, such constant employment does not make people more successful, wealthier and healthier, but vice versa. How to get out of this vicious circle of eternal employment, bustle and fatigue?

All your busyness is nothing more than a myth. How so? A large number of hours in the office and fuss in personal affairs for those people who do not know how to manage their time. You're just not at ease with the times. Basic rules of time management that will help you deal with this global problem.

How to have more free time?

1. Watch the clock

The biggest problem is that we are wasting our time. Start writing down what you do every day. What is this all for? You will be surprised to learn how much time you spend on unnecessary things and various nonsense. There are special programs on your computer that record your actions. According to the reports, it will be possible to understand how much you have been sitting on sites, hanging out on social networks, playing and doing stupid things.

Reach your goal quickly
Reach your goal quickly
This time control allowed me to find the "killers" of my time and deal with them. These were social networks, regularly checking mail, reading the news, aimlessly surfing the Internet, and just being lazy. After analyzing my employment, I found out that about 20% of the time absolutely unnecessary things were taken away from me. This made it possible to have more free time.

2. Take breaks to be productive

According to research, most people have very low work efficiency. What could be the reason? A person cannot be maximally productive every minute. You should break your workflow into time slots that will spike your productivity. The Pomodoro technique recommends doing 25-55 minute work intervals. After that, you can rest for 5 minutes and start a new stage. There are special applications for phones that will count down hours and give signals for breaks.

Personal experience in improving efficiency. A similar technique, with the installation of a time control application, began to use a few months ago. This increased the efficiency of the work performed by 20-30%, which made it possible to have more free time.

3. Say no

Saying yes to all things and people is too bad an idea. Learn to refuse people who are trying to pin their affairs on you. They try to drag chestnuts out of the fire with your hands and use your neck. Do you need this? Refuse politely and do not even look for words to excuse. Just say, "I can't," "no time," and "no opportunity."

The power of the moment
The power of the moment
Saying “no” is quite difficult, but you feel tremendous relief when you manage to get rid of other people's problems, debts and responsibilities. Avoiding small things that you do not have to do, allowed you to be more effective. This time-saving strategy saved about 20-30% of your time and effort. That made it possible to concentrate on more important tasks.

How to have more free time? These three steps will greatly improve your efficiency. They will save 30-50% of time and effort.

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