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How to change your life? 21 steps to change
How to change your life? 21 steps to change

Do you want to change your life? We often read motivational articles, but no one specifically says what to do. Here are the specific steps you need to take to move forward and start a new life.

In 21 days, you can create 21 habits that will change everything for the better. Already ripe to change everything? Here is a list of specific actions that will definitely help you. Good habits in the form of a list that is best kept. Stop being unhappy. The time for a change has come.

How to change your life?

1. Do not fall asleep later than 12 at night.

2. Get up earlier than 7 am and do not forget to exercise.

3. Sign up for a gym and work out twice a week.

4. Reduce the amount of junk food and switch to healthy.

5. Limit television, social networks, internet, games and common laziness.

6. Reduce consumption of alcohol and cigarettes to a minimum, or better, give it up altogether.

7. Begin to monitor your appearance and wardrobe. Look like a million dollars if you want it.

8. Set goals in writing for a month, two months, six months, a year, and five years.

9. Pay attention to discipline, make a detailed plan for each day, what to do.

10. Find the reasons for past failures, draw conclusions from this and write it down on the sheet.

Isn't my time yet?
Isn't my time yet?

11. Break down all tasks according to priorities, do not accumulate them and sweep aside unnecessary things.

12. Engage in self-education: courses, self-study, books, videos.

13. Be sure to read the necessary books that will help you, 5-10 pages a day.

14. Be productive. Do what you have to and planned every day, do not be lazy.

15. Spend less money, do not take loans, installments and do not throw them away.

16. Find people who are similar to you in spirit and who will pull you up, not down.

17. Learn to be an optimist, not a pessimist, closed off from the world.

18. Live with your eyes as open as possible, look for opportunities and create them yourself.

19. Don't be afraid to take risks and try new things.

20. Analyze your actions at the end of the week and plan new ones.

21. Do not wait, but be as active as possible at every moment of time.

How to change your life? Follow these 21 rules for 21 days …

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