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What things do you need to learn before age 30?
What things do you need to learn before age 30?

I wish I knew then what I know now. As we get older, we realize that now we are not at all the same as in early youth. In our youth, we were those who were tormented by youthful stupidity and naivety. What do you need to learn before age 30?

“He turned thirty: the middle age when you’re too old to be young and too young to be old” Frederic Beigbeder

One of the stages of growing up is the mistakes of adolescence. What is worth knowing and what is worth learning as you grow up? How can you avoid mistakes in order to achieve more and not miss out on opportunities?

What things do you need to learn before 35?

1. Short-term and long-term income. Don't worry too much about the short-term income you are earning right now. Always look to the long term. How much will you earn in the future if you get the required specialty, knowledge and skills?

2. Investing in your body. Many people forget that their performance and success depends on their physical condition. The gym will help make your body beautiful, sexy and sturdy. Good-looking people achieve great heights in their careers, their business, and their personal lives. Many people in the gym are doing very ineffectively and incorrectly. For the first time, hire a coach or take an experienced friend. This will allow you not to waste time. If you don't like iron, then try CrossFit. In three months of training, I changed my body for the better.

Advice to a young man
Advice to a young man
In our youth, we easily part with money, buying new models of phones, crazy clothes and a bunch of other unnecessary things. We're recklessly spending money on clubs, booze, and questionable ladies. Money needs to be saved, invested in education and invested in the future.

4. Choosing the right environment. Who do you spend time with? In our youth, we sympathize with those people who do not achieve anything in the future: hooligans, lazy people, juvenile delinquents and drinking companions. In 10-15 years, after school, they will be on a social day. Asocial acquaintances will pull you into their swamp of alcoholics, poor people and losers. Do you want to be successful, not a loser? Connect with people who are moving forward, getting educated, traveling and trying to do better. Communicate with those who are better, smarter and more active than you. It will be hard, but you will grow. They will not necessarily be your peers. Often these are people older than you.

5. Avoid loans, installments and mortgages. When we grow up, we easily throw ourselves into the banks of the bank. Giant mortgages and car deferrals are killing our dreams. Debt is an anchor in your search for yourself, travel and dreams.

6. Take risks and try. Do the things that scare you. This will pay dividends in the future. Getting out of your comfort zone will help you achieve what others fear and only dream of. More deliberate action and less laziness. Take on life's challenges.

Fulfill dreams that others have failed
Fulfill dreams that others have failed
Do not put off settling your personal life until you have a good job, money, apartment. When you have everything, then all the girls will want to be with you. It is better to find now the one who will be with you for your sake, and not material values. A good girl will help you in life and beautify it with her presence.

8. Work smarter, not harder. We often work for wear and tear, but we stand in one place. The fact is that you need to work not 24 hours a day, but with your head. Try to be as efficient as possible and work in the right direction.

When you are young, your possibilities are endless. You can achieve anything.

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