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How to stop being lazy and start developing? How to overcome laziness?
How to stop being lazy and start developing? How to overcome laziness?

There is only one barrier between your goals, desires and dreams. This is laziness! Laziness binds your hands and feet, preventing you from achieving what you want. How to stop being lazy and start moving forward? How to defeat your biggest enemy, who wants to make you a loser and a loser?

"Laziness is the most insidious, strong and skillful rival in the life of every Human" Pyotr Kvyatkovsky

What is laziness and why is it your biggest enemy? Laziness is at the head of all your defeats, hardships, bad moods and depression. You can look for other reasons and excuses, but this will only be deceiving yourself. Laziness binds you hand and foot, making you lusur. Why are 90-95% of people failing and failing to achieve their goals? They are elementary lazy people.

What is laziness?

Laziness is a lack of internal and external energy. When a person cannot force himself to do what is needed. When a person does everything, but not the right things. Laziness is unwillingness to leave a place where it is convenient, comfortable and pleasant for him. These are greenhouse conditions, similar to a swamp, where a person slowly but surely drowns.

How to get rid of laziness forever?
How to get rid of laziness forever?

As a result of laziness, a person atrophies and degrades. Many people stop developing after 25-30 years of age. They become in a rut along which they move by inertia. They are rapidly losing all their advantages, turning into a gray mass and losers. But if you have read the article to this point, then you definitely want to change your destiny.

Why do some people achieve a lot while leaving others behind?

Suddenly you notice that your classmate managed to pump up his body in the gym and now has an athletic figure. Now he can slap you on the head without any problem. Your classmate learned a foreign language and got a job in a good foreign company. An acquaintance who came from the village buys himself a good car and lives happily ever after. An old friend of yours is setting up his own business and company. A recent friend becomes a boss. Friends buy themselves an apartment in an elite area. Someone travel a lot around the world.

How do some people manage to achieve their goal in a year or several years? They are not smarter or more talented than you. They had no connections and no cronies. They had worse data than you, but they achieved much more. How so? Why do yesterday's rogues come from the countryside and achieve such excellent results? The fact is that they are not lazy, but actively move forward at the maximum. They defeated their main enemy - laziness.

How to get yourself to get off the ground and be less lazy?

When you do few actions, you gradually degrade. You avoid hardship and suffering. You are lazy so as not to strain yourself once more. Laziness tells you to rest, sleep, do not strain. As a result, you remain at the starting point, when others have already rapidly started forward.

How to stop being lazy? Ways to combat laziness
How to stop being lazy? Ways to combat laziness

You cannot immediately become as efficient and effective as possible. First you need to get off the ground. It is necessary to leave the “zone of convenience and comfort” into the “zone of tension”. In the "comfort zone" we do not develop, but in the "tension zone" inexorable growth is already beginning. You just need to start doing the right thing.

Start every day to learn a foreign language, go in for sports, devote time to self-education or pull up theoretical knowledge. As soon as you start doing something, your brain screams: “Stop! Are you tired! You better rest! I feel good without effort! " But at the moment you need to hold on. You have to tell yourself: “Go ahead! Let's break through! I can achieve! A dream awaits me! " When you keep yourself in the "zone of tension" by willpower, growth begins. At the moment, it is important not to succumb to laziness.

How to stop being lazy and defeat laziness?

It will be difficult for you, but it is necessary if you want to achieve everything that you dreamed of. Write down the daunting tasks into small parts and points. What do you need to do to move forward? Do it point by point. The biggest goal can be achieved if there is a clear and good plan.

Set yourself the program "norm", "minimum" and "maximum" for the day (week). How much do you need to learn a foreign language or programming per day? The norm is 1 hour, the minimum is 30 minutes, the maximum is 2 hours. How many times do you need to do push-ups per day? The norm is 100 times, the minimum is 25 times, the maximum is 200 times. How many kilometers do you need to run a day? The norm is 10 km., minimum - 5 km., maximum - 21 km.

How to deal with slowness?
How to deal with slowness?

Stop making excuses for yourself and being lazy. Do the minimum every day! You can't do less! Otherwise, you will remain a failure and a weakling. If you can do it closer to normal, good. If you can do it between normal and maximum, great.

Life presents chances for everyone, even the weakest and the poorest. But she is merciless to the lazy. It's time to stop being lazy and start developing. Get off the ground by making the program to a minimum and gradually increase the pace. Get your ass off the couch and knock out your main rival - laziness.

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