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What's your life head start? How to take advantage of the benefits and how to get around the children of the rich?
What's your life head start? How to take advantage of the benefits and how to get around the children of the rich?

Often we do not think about the fact that we have a good life handicap in front of others, which will allow us to achieve our goal in life. But even if you are from a poor and dysfunctional family, you have a chance to achieve what you want. How to use the advantages of the wealthy and how to bypass the children of the rich if you are from a poor family?

It is often said that people become rich, successful and famous if their family was wealthy. Actress Angelina Jolie grew up in a wealthy family of actor and actress. American actress Kristen Stewart was born in a mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Entrepreneur Bill Gates attended a privileged school and his family was wealthy. Singer Miley Cyrus was born into a wealthy family of record company owners, and her father was a famous country singer.

Their parents gave them a good head start over the rest. What is your handicap in life? Answer the following questions for yourself. For each "yes", add yourself one point, and for "no" do not add anything.

Life Handicap Test

1. Did you grow up in a complete family, with mom and dad?

2. Did you have your own apartment, not a rented apartment?

How can you achieve something?
How can you achieve something?

3. Did you have enough toys, a normal phone and a computer?

4. As a child, did you study with tutors who helped you learn?

5. Did you go to music school, swimming or other clubs?

6. Did the family have enough money so that you didn't think about it while you were studying?

7. As a child, did you have a bicycle, roller skates, skates and other similar things?

8. Did you have grandparents and other relatives who helped?

9. You are not alone in the family, but do you have a brother or sister?

10. Do you have an older brother or sister who helped?

11. Did your parents care, love and pamper you?

12. Have you thought of where to urgently get money to help your parents?

13. Do you have serious health problems?

14. Have you always been pulled out of trouble and protected by your relatives?

15. Can you call your childhood and youth happy?

16. Have you often traveled to other countries on vacation and have seen the world?

17. Are your family and parents sufficiently wealthy?

18. Did your parents help you to study at the university?

19. Did your parents buy you a car or an apartment?

20. Did your ancestors help you get a promising job or give you an initial kick?

If you got 14-20 points in total, then your life handicap is quite good. If from 8 to 14 points, then the average. If lower, then you grew up in a socially disadvantaged family.

I'm not a loser but a beginner
I'm not a loser but a beginner

Life handicap and its use

Life is not fair and we all start with different conditions. Someone is lucky to be born into a wealthy family, while others start from the very bottom. All the merits of the parents have no connection with the decisions that you made and your abilities. You just got lucky.

You have been given more opportunities than the rest. You would be a fool if you didn't use them. You can often go to university or get a good job just because you had a good head start. This is more to the parents' merit than yours.

But after the initial kick from parents and family, the real race of life begins. There is no excuse after. You must act on your own. Use your life handicap 100%, and do not waste it in the pursuit of entertainment or out of laziness.

Injustice of the world, lack of a head start and poverty

Many of us have a low head start. What to do in this case? Do you have no chance to win and achieve what the children of rich parents got? Not at all.

The great Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov fled home, forged documents, pretended to be "the son of a nobleman", endured three years of bullying by his peers at the Slavic-Greek-Latin Academy and suffered from poverty. Actor Gerard Depardieu grew up in a poor peasant family, his father could not read and write, and Gerard had speech problems. American rapper Jay-Z grew up in an incomplete and poor family, he traded drugs to buy food. Actor Jim Carrey grew up with a poor family and worked as a janitor. The father of actor Tom Cruise was poor and constantly looking for work, running around the United States and Canada. Singer Celine Dion grew up in a poor family and was the younger sister of 14. The mother of the singer Vera Brezhneva worked as a cleaner, and Vera worked part-time instead of lessons at school. Sylvester Stallon, after the divorce of his parents, studied at a special school for difficult teenagers. Singer J. Lo grew up in an impoverished Puerto Rican family. The artist Walt Disney grew up in a poor construction family and worked as a deliveryman of letters and drawing portraits.

Financial stability advice. 12 secrets of rich turmeric
Financial stability advice. 12 secrets of rich turmeric

Life is unfair, and a different life handicap is inevitable. But you choose to whine or move forward. Low life handicap is not a sentence. The verdict is laziness, weak character, lack of goals. You will have to work harder, but you can neutralize the advantages of the rich by persistence, hard work, perseverance, endurance, unyielding and iron will.

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