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How to overcome laziness? Victory over yourself will bring you good luck in life and business
How to overcome laziness? Victory over yourself will bring you good luck in life and business

Being an unnecessary lazy bum is an extremely bad idea for someone who is determined to be happy and lucky in life. It's time to defeat the main enemy of your life who is trying to make you a failure and is called laziness. Effective ways to combat idleness, procrastination and laziness.

“I knew a drone. But the girls did not like him very much, and he completely died out as a result of natural selection "Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Inability or unwillingness to overcome difficulties is called laziness. How many people were defeated by her? Most of the planet. Are they achieving their goals? No. Are they getting what they want? No. Do they make their dreams come true? No.

Lazy people will always sit at a broken trough and will not be able to realize their full potential. If you have problems with doing nothing, procrastination, and laziness, then it's time to learn how to deal with them.

How to overcome laziness? Ways to stop being lazy

1. Show the world who's boss. Are you a dull log that floats with the flow? Or a strong personality who can set goals and achieve them? Force yourself to act, and not slowly die a step away from a dream because of stupidity and laziness.

2. Concentrate on your work. There is an effective Pomodoro technique that can help you get rid of laziness. Take intervals for maximum performance. Take 30-45 minutes to get the job done. Be as focused as possible and don't get distracted. After that, be sure to take a short break of 5-15 minutes and get back to work.

It is a bad idea
It is a bad idea
If you want to be less lazy, then set for yourself the minimum and maximum bar for work. For example, work out at least half an hour a day with the right thing. The maximum will be an hour or two. You cannot do less than the minimum, and ideally the maximum.

4. Maintain discipline. Motivation and inspiration can go away, but discipline remains. Follow your daily routine, complete item by item, and be responsible for your future. Discipline is the basis for achieving a goal.

5. Break the goal down into small tasks. When the dream is huge, it is sometimes difficult to force yourself to start fulfilling it. The person begins to be lazy and avoid work. Break the goal down into small tasks until they become doable. Do you want to get a job in a good foreign company? Start learning English two to three times a week.

6. Make a plan for life. The trouble with all lazy people is that they don't have a plan. Without planning, it is difficult to show at least some intelligible results. Make a plan of what you should achieve in a day, week, month, two months, six months, years, two years and five years. Review the plan regularly and adjust as needed.

7. Think regularly about the future. Imagine yourself in 5-10 years. What will a successful future look like? If you do your best? If you reach your goal? Visualize success and whatever you want to achieve. Or do you want to vegetate, hate yourself and those around you because you were lazy all the time?

Everything is bad with you, but someday everything will be fine? Don't lie to yourself
Everything is bad with you, but someday everything will be fine? Don't lie to yourself
Give yourself rewards for completing work steps. Adequate gifts, according to the goals achieved. This is very motivating and relieves laziness.

9. Postpone all activities. When you are always lazy, you clog all your time with TV, social networks, the Internet, a computer. Sit on the sofa, but do not lie down, otherwise you may fall asleep. Put all business aside. Just sit or stand. Don't touch your phone or take any action. You will get bored very soon. You will be ready to take on any work to stop this burden.

10. Focus on goals, not problems. There are always difficulties, and they sometimes push us to laziness. Think about what you want to achieve, not about temporary difficulties. It is on the way to your dream that you will be happy.

Are you still lazy? Tell yourself: "5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Let's go!"

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