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Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty
Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty

The modern world has set a crazy rhythm of movement that we are used to rushing and never expecting anything. Most people have arrogantly lost their patience. But the one who knows how to wait wins. Patience is an essential weapon of the mighty. But why are business coaches silent about patience?

"Never lose patience - this is the last key that unlocks the doors." Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Why is patience good and useful? Life is too short to wait. Most people think so, but it is this majority who have not achieved anything in life.

Why do Eastern sages say so much about patience and so few life improvement coaches? The fact is that Eastern sages share wisdom for purposes other than coaches, business coaches, speakers, and improvement professors.

Coaches make money from people's desire to get what they want quickly. They cannot tell clients that they need tremendous patience and a lot of time. Otherwise, clients will go to other motivational speakers who offer to quickly get what they want. All people want a quick freebie, but that's why they fail.

What do the mighty of this world say about patience?

The first official dollar billionaire in human history, John Davison Rockefeller, said: "The first and foremost prerequisite for business success is patience."

How to make a good impression?
How to make a good impression?

King of France Louis XIV de Bourbon: "Only the patient wins." Because of this, Louis XIV de Bourbon reigned longer than any other European king in history.

In the story of Nikolai Vasilyevich Gogol, the Cossack Taras Bulba says the catch phrase that we use to this day: "Suffer the Cossack, you will be ataman!"

The ruler of the kingdom of Israel, in the period of its highest prosperity, King Solomon, is credited with the following words: "The long-suffering is better than the brave, and the one who controls himself is better than the conqueror of the city."

The leader of the Caucasian highlanders, Imam Shamil, stated: "At the bottom of patience, gold settles."

The Indian spiritual leader and mystic Osho stated: “We forgot how to wait. This is an almost forgotten art. And our greatest treasure is being able to wait for the right moment."

Successful people consider patience to be an essential quality. Thanks to him, they have achieved what others have failed. Why be patient? This is your weapon. One of the most effective and powerful.

Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty
Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty

Why endure? Why be patient?

1. Patience and wisdom in decisions

Patience allows you not to make hasty decisions, which are wrong in 90% of cases. Patience helps to avoid rash action by obeying emotional instincts. You better stop and think calmly. A balanced and rational decision will give you an advantage over the rush.

2. Patience improves discipline

Usually people are lax, they like to be lazy, to avoid work and necessary affairs. Patience fosters self-discipline when you have to go against the urge to indulge yourself. Patience consistently develops self-control and self-discipline. Patience allows you not to give up and be disciplined in the right things.

How to get what you want faster? Do a little more than usual
How to get what you want faster? Do a little more than usual

3. Patience and complexity

In life, you will see many storms and storms. You cannot fight them. This is beyond you and your strength. Be patient and learn to reckon with the laws of nature. You are not able to control the weather, but you can wait until better times. You just need to be patient.

4. Patience gives perseverance

Patience always pays off if you keep up with persistence. Patience allows you to go to the bitter end, despite periodic difficulties, defeats and obstacles. Patience gives strength not to give up what you started and achieve what you want. Perseverance and determination are based on the quality of patience. This is the only way to achieve goals and dreams.

Patience and a little effort. The most desirable things require patience. Inside each of us is a huge store of strength and patience, you just need to open it. How patient are you?

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