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30 tricky psychological tricks everyone should know
30 tricky psychological tricks everyone should know

How to achieve your goal, manage other people's opinions, influence others, manipulate and evoke sympathy? There are certain psychological tricks that can help you become a more successful, happier, attractive, and interesting person. Advice from psychotherapists, hypnotists, scammers and politicians.

Mind manipulation mechanisms are useful for everyday life. This will allow you to achieve your goal more often, to be more successful, attractive and interesting person. Techniques of psychological influence are quite harmless and you can not hesitate to use them on others. Secret techniques for manipulating the mental consciousness of a person and groups of people.

30 tricky psychological tricks

1. When people laugh, they instinctively glance at those who are interesting and attractive to them. So you can find out a secret love, interest of the opposite sex, or an existing office romance.

2. Memorize the names of all people. Calling a person by name, we quickly have him to ourselves. A proper name is the best compliment for any person.

3. Create the illusion of choice for a person. Offer two options that suit you. Invite the girl to watch a movie in your house or go to her place. She will have the illusion of choice, although both options suit you.

4. Ask for advice or do a small favor. So you can quickly win over a girl, acquaintance or friend. People value more those who have been taken care of once.

5. Smile and be happy when you meet a person you like. This will build a bond between you, and he will also experience positive emotions the next time you meet.

Radical changes
Radical changes

6. Touch people at your convenience. This will allow you to establish friendly, informal and companionship with others. If you do this with a girl, then the likelihood increases not only as friends.

30 tricky psychological tricks
30 tricky psychological tricks

7. Behave always confidently. So people will attribute leadership qualities to you, consider you strong and purposeful. A confident person is always prettier as an employee, friend and soul mate.

8. Even a small gift can radically change a person's attitude towards you. This can improve your relationship with almost anyone.

9. Do you want to get answers and find out the secrets? Take a long pause between you and stare at him. The interlocutor will feel uncomfortable and will try to fill in the awkward silence.

10. Spend more time with people you want to like. It's easier to find friends, good buddies and a soul mate this way. We love those with whom we communicate a lot.

11. By the direction of a person's feet, one can determine his sympathy, desire to continue the conversation and interest in what is happening.

12. Praise and compliment people to build a positive connection. All people love praise, compliments, and even a little rude flattery.

13. Do you think someone is watching you? Try to yawn and look carefully at the suspect. Most of the time, he yawns too.

14. Is the person angry with you and wants to quarrel? Come closer to him and stay close. Close proximity reduces the level of aggression and anger.

What to do in difficult times? How to adapt?
What to do in difficult times? How to adapt?

15. Try to look into the eyes of the interlocutor more often when meeting and communicating. This will position him and make your relationship more intimate.

16. Imitate people to please them. Mirroring gestures, emotions, body position and manner of the interlocutor. This will allow you to establish a more trusting relationship with the interlocutor. But don't overdo it.

17. Admit small mistakes and mistakes you make to build a more trusting relationship with the person.

18. What is the best way to join a company, party or event? Come early. This will allow you to quickly become your own there, to whom you are already accustomed.

Advice from psychotherapists, hypnotists, scammers and politicians
Advice from psychotherapists, hypnotists, scammers and politicians

19. If you are caught doing something humiliating or weird, tell them you lost the argument.

20. Do you want to convey your thoughts to the interlocutor and convince him? Say that this is not your thought, but that of a famous person. People tend to trust authorities.

21. When you are nervous, start chewing gum or snacking. It will release tension and relax you.

22. Share something personal to be yours. We are most attracted to imperfect and a little strange people. People like us.

23. Most of all they trust and respect people who know how to shake hands correctly. Try to keep your hand warm and dry and the handshake firm and confident.

24. Unpleasant conversation with your interlocutor? Ask him again, make deceptive clarifications, jump to other topics, show indifference, attack back, leave the conversation referring to being busy.

Why is there not enough time and how to keep up with everything?
Why is there not enough time and how to keep up with everything?

25. Share the tastes, interests, hobbies and desires of the person. This trick will allow you to quickly converge and understand each other.

26. Do you want to get something? Ask for something huge first, and then small. If parents don't want a big dog, then maybe a little kitten?

27. Do you want to get involved in a quarrel? Even if your voice is raised, do not react to it. Speak calmly. Soon the anger and anger of the interlocutor will go away.

28. People become more receptive when they are tired or have not had enough sleep. Ask the tired what you want. So the chances of getting what you want are significantly increased.

29. Smile and be positive. This will create an image of a pleasant and friendly person with whom everyone wants to communicate. Laugh willingly at other people's jokes and radiate positive.

Consciousness manipulation mechanisms
Consciousness manipulation mechanisms

30. Do you want to be known as a good conversationalist? Talk about them loved ones. Give people the opportunity to talk more, and nod yourself, listen carefully and ask leading questions. You will be considered the most interesting conversationalist.

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