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Why are you going to the bottom? Reasons for failure
Why are you going to the bottom? Reasons for failure

It is difficult to notice it yourself, but it can be clearly seen from the side. Your life situation has reached a dead end and you don't know what to do? Unpromising work, does not bring satisfaction and money? Is the relationship toxic and long dead? Are you unhappy and everything is worse than ever? Why are you going to the bottom? The reasons for the failure that drown you. Everything in a person's life can be bad. He is not satisfied with work, relationships, friends, environment and life in general. But he continues to go to an unloved job, continues to be in a toxic relationship, and continues to engage in hopeless affairs.

Relatives, friends and others sympathize with him, give advice, try to help. But then they step aside, spreading their hands in bewilderment. They fail to reason with the stubborn one who is going to his own death.

Why are you going to the bottom?

What is the reason for the failure of such a person? Why does a person return to where he feels bad? Why does he continue to do what he did before, even if it leads to a negative result? When you yourself become so stubborn, you do not notice your stupid and destructive obstinacy.

A person stays where he feels bad, because of a naive desire to fix everything. When you pull a suitcase without a handle, which is a pity to throw. A person is secretly confident that he will succeed, even if the facts say otherwise. But life is not a movie and not a fairy tale, completely different laws operate here.

I'm not a loser but a beginner
I'm not a loser but a beginner
He tries to "fix" the relationship and his soul mate, although everything is useless. He's trying to fix a toxic and unsuitable person, but he doesn't care. The man suffers, but stubbornly tries to pull on himself the strap of the "savior" and the knight on a white horse. There is no need to save anyone in a relationship - this is sadomasochism and stupid heroism that will change nothing. You need to part, and not continue to go to the bottom. Only in a new relationship will you be happy.

The person remains in the unloved job. He hopes that he will get used to the work he does not like, his efforts will be noticed, the company will start to flourish, or everything will change for the better. But this is nonsense. You need to leave your unloved and hopeless job. You don't have to stay where you feel bad. Go in search, and do not try to fix the "Titanic", which will definitely go to the bottom.

The person communicates with negative people. They criticize him and put a spoke in his wheels. All friends are losers, losers and alcoholics? But why communicate with those who pull to their bottom? Why fight and convince them? Why stay where it is bad? Find people who have similar goals and levels of motivation.

The man is engaged in stupid affairs. Often a person shows obstinacy instead of stubbornness. He is doing something that should have been abandoned long ago. He continues to beat his forehead against the wall, tries, but nothing happens. He is engaged in a useless business, wasting time, energy and other resources. Why stay where it is bad? Do something else.

Did a good job take a good rest
Did a good job take a good rest

Why do you go to the bottom and nothing works? You stubbornly remain where it is bad, and do not try to change it.

Why do you stay where it is bad?

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