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Why is it worth reading more? What will reading the right books give you?
Why is it worth reading more? What will reading the right books give you?

You are what you do. The modern world is such that it is divided into two camps. The former watch TV and sit on social networks, while the latter read books. People who read the right books will be smarter, more successful, and happier. The reader of books gets a competitive advantage in life compared to those around him.

When meeting girls, I asked the question what book they are reading now. 80% of the girls could not tell, the rest read fiction books.

Having asked a similar question to my acquaintances, friends and ordinary people, I got a reading percentage of about 30%. When communicating with people in the field of business, I found out that 90% of successful people are now reading a book and can advise you on a good list of necessary literature.

Unfortunately, most people prefer to watch shows on TV, get hooked on TV shows, spend all their time on YouTube or on social media. In 95% of cases, the emphasis is on entertainment and aimless pastime.

This leads to the fact that people stop developing and become less competitive in any area.

Reading fiction books is also useful, but not in the same way as educational ones. Nowadays, many books are being published that help to engage in self-education in the right areas. If a person reads a lot in a topic that interests him, then he develops and grows.

We were forced to read boring books at school, which instilled an aversion to this good habit in many. It's time to return it to the system of the positive qualities necessary for every modern person.

There are no easy ways
There are no easy ways

Instead of reading, listening to audiobooks or podcasts on a topic of interest is suitable. It is convenient to do this in transport, while driving, while cooking in the kitchen or in other places.

Why is it worth reading more? Benefits and pros of reading

1. Regular reading makes the language more suspended and it becomes easier to maintain a conversation.

2. Reading books allows you to learn someone's many years of experience in a short time.

3. The right books will help you quickly find yourself and your path in life.

4. They recommend communicating with smart ones if you want to achieve something. Surround yourself with books of geniuses with whom it would be interesting to communicate live.

5. By training our body, we become stronger. Reading the right books we train the brain.

6. When you read good authors, you learn to speak beautifully and express thoughts.

7. The more you read, the faster you think and the better your fantasy works.

8. Reading books helps you avoid common mistakes and learn from other people's failures.

9. Reading helps to develop logic and build thinking.

10. From reading, as if from grains, knowledge and brain power are collected.

11. Reading helps to imitate less and be more creative.

12. There is a lot to learn from the ratings of books worth reading.

13. Books help to transfer knowledge from generation to generation, even if you live in another generation.

14. A book is always better than a movie, because your rich imagination works in a book.

Why read books?
Why read books?

15. You are what you are doing. If you don't waste time, but read the right books, then you grow.

A person reading books gets a competitive advantage in life. He will be smarter, more successful, and happier.

Do you read the right books?

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