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Do you want to live well and happily? The psychology of the victim prevents you from living
Do you want to live well and happily? The psychology of the victim prevents you from living

Think you don't have it? How many times have you been afraid to approach a girl thinking about rejection in advance? How many times have you been afraid to change your life or work, thinking about defeat? How many times have you been unlucky? How many times have girls, friends, and others been treated unfairly? How many times have you silently swallowed resentment, stepped aside, let people use you, ignored your desires, retreated, gave up and betrayed your dreams?

Think you don't have victim psychology? Psychologists say that everyone has a victim psychology and self-pity. Some people got rid of it when growing up, while others continue to remain hostages of the problem. What is victim syndrome and what to do? How to get rid of victim syndrome? How to learn to get what you want and not be a whipping boy?

Why can't you do anything? Victim Syndrome in Psychology

As a child, we did not live up to parental expectations, and then our own. We compared ourselves to other people and felt like failures. Gradually, we lost faith in ourselves and became victims.

Nobody considers the "victims". They are pushed aside, thrown and cheated on. Such people are afraid to change something, but only complain and worry. They don't suit their personal lives. They are not suitable for getting to know each other and are not active in communication with the opposite sex. They know in advance that they will fail and everything will end badly. Even in relationships, they are thrown or given horns.

The strongest character traits
The strongest character traits

Victims do not know how to say "no", which is skillfully used by those around them. The victim prefers to step aside, surrender, indulge in their own interests. The victim herself claims to be unworthy of more. The victim ignores their dreams and desires. The victim is willing to endure resentment, humiliation, poor conditions and bullying. The victim behaves this way in work, relationships and life. As a result, it is defeated on all fronts.

Even road accidents are more likely to involve people prone to victim syndrome. In a dangerous situation, they do not concentrate and do not act decisively, but surrender in fright. They do not resist and substitute. The result is the greatest possible damage and injury. This is the situation in life. When a person gives up, they automatically get the worst possible option.

How to get rid of victim syndrome and become a winner?

People who feel sorry for themselves are unhappy and unsuccessful. As the famous Japanese writer Haruki Murakami used to say: "Only insignificants spare themselves." What if you are unlucky in your life? Get rid of the victim complex. Practical advice to improve your life from psychologists.

1. Focus on problems and solutions, not self-pity.

2. Do not put up with a bad situation, but correct it and make positive changes.

3. Learn to say no to everything that is not in your interests.

4. Stop blaming and condemning yourself for everything, even if you are to blame. Forgive yourself.

How to be motivated?
How to be motivated?

5. Stop trying to please and please everyone. Be self-sufficient.

6. Take control and full responsibility for your life.

7. Love yourself and show reasonable selfishness in life.

8. Consider yourself not a victim and a failure, but a winner and a strong personality.

9. Defend your interests in everything and do not stop there

10. Learn to enjoy life and win, not suffer.

Do you want to live well and happily? The psychology of the victim prevents you from living. Winners are people who have the mentality of a winner, not a loser. Become the hero of your life.

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