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Habits that make a person poorer
Habits that make a person poorer

You can blame the crisis, fate or karma for the lack of big money, but what if you are stupid yourself? 10% of your life depends on karma, and 90% is the result of thinking and acting. What prevents a person from growing and earning big money? The crisis in our country for the last 1157 years. Why is it so long ago? The founding of the Old Russian state is associated with the vocation of Prince Rurik in 862 to reign in Novgorod. The crisis is not a reason to be poor. The new crisis is a change in the rules of the game. Learn to play new if you want to succeed and be rich.

Habits that make a person poorer

The habit of seeing only money in everything programs for poverty

The poorest people are those who measure everything with money. It's like an alcoholic who measures everything at the price of a bottle. For life and happiness, not so much money is needed, but something more. Poor they are poor not only in money, but morally. To be happy, the poor need a car, a big house, and a lot of money. Wealthy people seek true friendship, love, family, and fulfillment. People who blindly chase only money rarely succeed in their desires. More successful people are trying not so much to make money as they are trying to realize themselves to the fullest. They are the ones who get their way.

The habit of not thinking a few steps ahead

How to get richer and earn more? 11 steps to money
How to get richer and earn more? 11 steps to money

An experiment was conducted with children. They were asked to eat marshmallows right away or have two servings after 15 minutes. This series of studies on delayed gratification has identified the following relationships. Only one third of the group of children are able to wait and get more.

We get a job and are in a hurry to get paid. We want money now and immediately. Without thinking ahead. We do not want to get an education, to comprehend skills, but in a hurry to get only one portion of marshmallows. The habit of thinking ahead a few steps can give a person a lot of money. It takes a little perseverance and patience.

The habit of feeling sorry for yourself does not lead to good

Bad country, low social status, wrong government, crisis, troubles and circumstances. You can blame everything around for a long time, as poor losers do. But you can always leave for another country or city. You can always change jobs. You can always gain new knowledge and study a demanded specialty. But is it easier to feel sorry for yourself and blame others?

The habit of spending more than you earn

Loans, installments and purchase cards make a person poorer. He spends money that he has not yet earned. Forget about show-offs, new phones, cool cars, nightclubs and expensive women. Stop showering. Now you won't surprise anyone with money and things. Spend your money on education, your own business, or put it in a piggy bank. Manage your money wisely, not like all the poor.

Secrets of communication and conversation
Secrets of communication and conversation

The habit of doing something you don't like

If you hate a job or a business, then you will not succeed in it. How to understand that you are not doing your own thing? You really don't want to go to work. You hate Mondays. You force yourself to work. Doubt that you have chosen the right path. You are not proud of what you do. You don't want to do this for the rest of your life. These are bad signs. It's time to go in search of your favorite job or business. Only this way will make you richer.

The habit of breaking a wall with your forehead

Do you apply super-efforts, but nothing works? Something needs to be changed. The attitudes in the head are definitely not correct, as well as the actions. Maybe you do the wrong thing and work in the wrong place? Try to find wiser and more correct solutions. Where do you put your efforts, thoughts and actions? Stop banging your forehead against the wall. Change your strategy and develop a new plan.

These habits make a person poorer. How many of these have you counted?

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