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Weaknesses that you are secretly manipulated
Weaknesses that you are secretly manipulated

Each of us considers ourselves independent and not amenable to manipulation. But each person has weaknesses through which he is influenced and even controlled. Manipulators can be your other half, colleagues at work, relatives, friends, acquaintances and even strangers. Human weaknesses, which you are secretly manipulated by all and sundry.

Do you think you are not being manipulated? Every day and more than once. Manipulations are found in relationships, at work, in the family, among acquaintances and strangers. How not to succumb to other people's manipulations? How can you avoid the pitfalls of other people using you for their own purposes?

Weaknesses that you are secretly manipulated

1. Greed

Many people want to get rich quick, or get something for free. Poorly controlled desire for money and greed are used by many people. Casino, cashbury, card scammers, online poker, stock exchange, trading, muddy work. The goof is not a mammoth, the goof will not die out.

2. Lust

The reproductive instinct pushes us to throw ourselves on the opposite sex. We are looking for sex and instinctual gratification. As a result, we can enter into toxic relationships just for sex, even though the relationship sucks. Sometimes men spend money on a girl and gifts just to buy sex from her. Many women rule men through lust. Other men, out of lust, end up in the registry office, although they did not plan. Lust destroys many men.

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How to tell if a girl is using you: 25 signs of divorce from girls

3. Flattery

Manipulators love to flatter other people in order to use them later. They give compliments, speak their teeth, use the roughest flattery. People are susceptible to flattery, and then they suffer for the reason that they have trusted skillful pretenders.

4. Envy

Banks offer to get something quickly with loans or installments. Do you think they are so eager to help you? Or maybe they just want to strip you three skins and interest at the same time. Sometimes they help you buy something you didn't plan on. This is all help, but cunning tricks of the devil.

5. Anger

Reckless anger leads to the fact that we spend all our energy and time in some unknown place. The government directs its anger to another country to cover up its poor financial situation. A guilty coworker blames other people. The other half blames you for everything or incomprehensible circumstances.

6. Laziness

We are immersed in a thirst for entertainment. We are being pushed all sorts of nonsense on television, on the Internet, and on social media. We were inundated with stupid serials, flat jokes, meaningless news, photos and other dregs that only develop laziness in us. They show us their ads and make money on it, but in return we waste all our time. In reality, a person may be nobody, but in a computer game he is a successful level 99 elf. We were mired in a thirst for entertainment, although we could do something necessary and important.

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How to quickly achieve any goal? What prevents you from being happy and successful?

7. Vanity

With the help of envy, you are forced to do what you did not plan. Advertising shows how rich men surrounded by girls consume a product. A person begins to think that there will be money and women if he buys a product. But in real life, he stupidly lowers the loot on another useless nonsense. Vanity interferes with being busy when everything is spent on show-off.

These are just the tip of the iceberg, how you are secretly manipulated. But get rid of these manipulators and life will become easier.

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