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How to achieve your goal in any business? How to achieve success in business and personal life?
How to achieve your goal in any business? How to achieve success in business and personal life?

What if you are stuck on the same level and there is no positive change? You seem to be marking time in one place, but there are no positive changes. Nobel laureate and psychologist Daniel Kahneman called this life trap "the law of small numbers." Why do people fail in life, although they can achieve their goal in any business? All victories and defeats of a person are in his thinking. Often times, failures in life are caused by errors in the thinking of the average person, which prevent him from being rational. Such errors are called "cognitive biases" and one of the most polarized among people is the belief in the law of small numbers.

An example of the fallacy of thinking of most people

Israeli-American psychologist Daniel Kahneman is one of the founders of behavioral economics. The psychologist was actively working on the "law of small numbers." What is the behavioral error of people and the law?

Let's say there is a bag with white and black chips, in which the number of the latter prevails. We take out three chips and they are all black. We decide that there is a whole bag of black chips. Another person pulls out 100 chips. He has 80 black pieces and 20 white pieces.

If black falls out several times, then we decide that black will fall out constantly and retreat. But whoever made a large selection found that there were also enough white chips. This is the law of small numbers. Statistics are more accurate when the sample is large. You can always find white tokens in the bag if you try enough.

How to stop whining and complaining about life?
How to stop whining and complaining about life?
Having approached several girls to get acquainted and having received a refusal, we stop trying. Although many experienced pick-up artists do not approach 10 girls a year, as you do, but 365. As a result, they manage to meet and have sex with 50 girls. The number of attempts is 10 versus 365. The law of small numbers works.

2. Athletic appearance. After practicing a couple of times, we decide that sport is useless for a beautiful figure and does not work for us personally. Although he helped millions of people. The fact is that regular training and some effort are required.

3. Dream job. Did you go unsuccessfully for a couple of interviews and decided to stay in an old hated job? Another went to interviews for six months and got a job of his dreams. Some even left for another city, but found their "white chip" and a dream job.

4. Finding a family and a girl of dreams. After breaking our hearts a couple of times with the wrong girls, we decide we can't find a great girlfriend. But a lot of guys who are no better than you find a girlfriend after 5 broken hearts and become happy. It's all about perseverance and the number of attempts.

5. Business success. One entrepreneur started a business, but it didn't work out. He dragged on a useless and unprofitable business for a long time until he finally went bankrupt. Another threw a hopeless business in time and began to try further. After his fourth business he started doing his best. The first remained at a broken trough, and the other became rich. The number of attempts is everything.

How to find motivation in life?
How to find motivation in life?
Do you do something but it doesn't work out? Any business requires some critical mass of knowledge and action, after which things will go uphill. This is part of a big puzzle when you used too few figures. If you continue to add the puzzle, then gradually the picture will be formed. This is an era of accumulating positive change. As soon as the critical mass is reached, everything will begin to form as it should.

Belief in the Law of Small Numbers is the most popular cognitive distortion in humans and ruins their lives. The Law of Small Numbers works in almost all cases. Success is achieved only where there is a large sample and a large number of attempts.

How to achieve your goal in any business? How to achieve success in business and with girls? Try to find your "white chips", and do not put your nose down after the next "black chip". There are always more "black chips" in life, but this is not a reason to give up in search of a dream. Don't let failure stop you.

How many attempts have you made to get what you want? So few?

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