The 5 Minute Rule to Clean Up and Change Your Life
The 5 Minute Rule to Clean Up and Change Your Life

There is no time, things are piling up, you do not have time for anything, but is life a mess and chaos? Our brain often makes bad decisions, and for this reason, a thousand cases remain unfinished, hang over us like a sword of Damocles and ruin our lives. The rule of five minutes, which will put things in order in your life and will not let you miss good chances of fate.

"I came, I saw, I conquered" Julius Caesar

We like to postpone everything for later, but when the X hour comes, it's too late to drink Borjomi. Each person was faced with the fact that small things were never completed on time. But it is these small decisions that can have long-term consequences.

Most of the cases that accumulate and require our attention can be resolved quickly and immediately. Do you want to put things in order in your life and succeed? Follow the next rule to keep yourself from getting bogged down with a thousand unfulfilled tasks.

"If an important task takes 5 minutes, then do it immediately!"

Business before pleasure. Julius Caesar informed his friend in Rome of a quick victory: "I came, I saw, I conquered." Often, success in life is precisely the speed of action, and not just the very fact of execution. Do the important thing right away and forget about it. Quick decision-making will not only clear up a heap of cases, but also make it possible to use the good chances that life provides.

How not to waste time?
How not to waste time?
How many times a day are we annoyed by unwashed dishes in the kitchen, which are then so difficult to clean? But if you wash it immediately after eating, then such a thing as dirty dishes will disappear forever. The crockery is even more an allegory for any small business.

2. Answer immediately. Respond to important emails, messages, calls and events immediately. Often we postpone our answer until it's too late or uncomfortable. Respond to important messages, emails and events immediately. This will save you from the mess of correspondence and simplify your life.

3. 1001 necessary cases. When you come home, train yourself to fold your clothes, and not throw them around the room. Put things always in their place, this will then save a lot of time searching around the house. Make your bed in the morning, clean up dirt, take out the trash, exercise, brush your teeth, shower, pay bills, do household chores, go to the store. There are 1001 such things in the life of an ordinary person. But if you delay with them, then problems and difficulties may grow that are not needed by anyone.

4. Lump of important things. Do small and important things immediately. If a job needs to be done, then you need to complete it as quickly as possible, and better now. If you put off five-minute tasks for later, then you will not do it. That can then have a bad effect on life in the long run. Do not put off important, but quickly doable tasks for later. Otherwise, you will find yourself buried under a lump of work.

Don't waste your time
Don't waste your time
Often we only have five minutes to make a decision. A beautiful girl on the street walks by, offers another good job, friends call to walk to the city, invite to try something new and promising. If you postpone the matter for later, then the fate proposal will not be relevant. Don't miss good chances and opportunities. Act immediately so you don't regret it later. Lady Luck does not offer twice.

If an important task takes 5 minutes, then do it immediately! This will put things in order and change life for the better.

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