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The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized
The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized

Many people are very smart, talented and hardworking, but they fail. When average minds and less capable people succeed quickly. What is the reason for this injustice? The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow to achieve the desired.

Do you feel like you're stuck at one point that you can't get out of? Like you're running in circles and covered in foam? What is the problem with many of the smartest, most competent and hardworking people? Why are they bad at doing well when less talented people and more stupid ones make significant progress? There is only one reason for this. This is the indecision trap.

Smart and capable people are mired in inaction, lengthy analysis, constant rethinking of the situation and waiting for the perfect moment. The answer to the success of less intelligent and less talented people lies in their proactive attitude and quick action. Almost any action is more effective than inaction and indecision.

The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized
The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized

The indecision trap of the smart

"You lose more from indecision than from a wrong decision." The Sopranos

Less intelligent people don't see many possibilities. They simply choose what looks more obvious and effective. They choose the best out of 2-3 doors and move forward swiftly. They make mistakes and get bumps, but they move forward.

How to stop hurting yourself?
How to stop hurting yourself?

Smarter and more talented intellectuals act differently. They see with their minds many more doors and options. As a result, they begin to consider a huge number of options, calculate many steps forward and wait for the perfect moment.

Smart people analyze a lot, which leads to even more information and deeper miscalculation. Endless analysis leads to the fact that the decision will never be made. There are too many uncertainties and accidents in calculations, and smart people are afraid of this. If they are smart and make decisions, but it is already too late when the train has left.

The importance of decision making for success in life

"Fearful and dreamy indecision creeps behind laziness and entails powerlessness and poverty." William Shakespeare

So smart people cannot change their specialty or field of activity, doing something completely different. So smart people sit at work, where there are no prospects at all, and they pay very little. This is how talented people die in villages and small towns when they had to leave to realize themselves in a metropolis or capital.

Nobody says that thinking and calculating options is bad. It's bad not to be able to stop at one moment and not make the right decision. It's bad to sit in the trap of indecision all your life.

How to make the right decision?

  • Set the maximum time for reflection: day, week, month.
  • Analyze all the pros, cons, prospects and risks.
  • Look at the situation impartially to see the real big picture.
  • Don't buy into short-term benefits and dubious offers.
  • Look to the long term and future results.
  • Consider the factors that influence your decision making and analyze them.
  • Choose a couple of the best solutions based on the information available.
  • Seek advice from a successful person who can provide good advice.
  • Consider the best options in more detail and carefully.
  • Time for reflection is over? Cowardice and indecision will try to get in the way.
  • Make the irrevocable decision that you think is the best at the moment.
Why Planning?
Why Planning?

Decision making will always be some kind of risk. But an even greater risk is never to take risks and sit all your life in a swamp of indecision.

What decision are you stuck with?

Practice action, not indecision and inaction. Give yourself a day, a week or a month to think, and then make a decision and act …

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