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Self-presentation and self-presentation in communication. How to please people and influence them?
Self-presentation and self-presentation in communication. How to please people and influence them?

How do you form your image in the eyes of the people around you? What do strangers, colleagues, comrades, the opposite sex and just passing acquaintances think of you? How to manage other people's attention and opinion about yourself when you meet? How to please people and influence them?

"You won't get a second chance to make a first impression." Coco Chanel

Each person subconsciously makes a self-presentation. This self-presentation, self-expression or self-presentation forms our final image in the eyes of others. With our behavior, words and appearance, we complement someone else's opinion, which they have formed.

First you need to decide what you want to tell about yourself. Do you want to demonstrate your professional qualities? Are you planning to show your authority and strong character? Thinking of showing a friendly and informal attitude? Focus on your attractiveness, beauty and youth? Indicate your organizational, business and leadership skills?

One should not try to make a good impression, but express oneself with actions and appearance. Depending on the goals, you need to do a certain self-presentation. How do you create the right impression and what should you pay attention to?

Self-presentation and self-presentation. How do people like it?

Self-serving in looks, wardrobe and style

They are greeted by clothes. This is especially accepted in our country. It all depends on where you go and how you want to show yourself. You can dress smartly for a party or club. The job or interview is formal and strict. Respectability and solidity are always appreciated in business.

How to formulate thoughts correctly?
How to formulate thoughts correctly?

Sometimes you need to show your good sense of style. Attractive clothes, well-chosen accessories and clean shoes. Choose your clothes carefully according to the event and how you want to show yourself.

Watch your appearance. Shave, watch your face and the condition of the hair on your head. Look sleepy, refreshed and energetic. Brush your teeth and see your dentist. Shower regularly and be neat. On this, many are pierced.

Self-feeding behavior

"A person often does not notice how by his actions he makes an impression unfavorable for himself, not wanting to do anything bad at the same time." Alexander Green

To present yourself in the official circle, you should be as collected as possible. It is important to demonstrate your attitude towards others. At work and in business, it is important to show respect and consideration for the interlocutor. The required behavior emphasizes professionalism, competence and reliability. Don't slouch, worry, make excuses, or behave loosely. This will create an image that gets in the way at work and in business. In an official circle, one should be serious, collected and businesslike.

In an unofficial place, a different strategy is chosen. To find friends and a second half, you should look different. You need to be cool, friendly, positive and funny. A challenging, provocative and playful mood helps to build bonds with people. Some girls like the bad guy image.

How to please people and influence them? It is important to choose your image depending on the situation and desires. Manage someone else's opinion of yourself, and do not let everything take its course.

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