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How easy is it to be liked by others? 7 psychological tricks
How easy is it to be liked by others? 7 psychological tricks

Some people easily attract attention and everyone likes, while others modestly stand on the sidelines. What is the secret of the favorites of people who quickly find an approach to strangers, colleagues, comrades and the opposite sex?

These psychological tricks will help you increase your popularity. It will be easier for you to find a common language with acquaintances and strangers. They will strengthen existing relationships and help you quickly become your own among the people around you. Here are 7 psychological tricks that will help you become a favorite of those around you.

How easy is it to be liked by others?

1. Radiate positivity and optimism

People are attracted to cheerful, cheerful, positive and optimistic people. Smile sincerely and be in high spirits more often. Everyone is drawn to the positive, and avoids sad, depressed, angry, confused, and unsociable individuals. Exude goodwill and appear open to communication. A smile is always captivating and disarming. Show a sense of humor, but joke is appropriate and without vulgarity.

2. Listen to the interlocutor

Let the other person tell you about yourself, and do not burden him with your stories or opinions. If you want to be considered an excellent conversationalist, be an attentive listener. Encourage the person to talk more. To do this, ask questions, nod during a conversation, assent and agree. Active listening technology will help the person speak up, which will benefit your relationship. You will be considered an interesting conversationalist and a pleasant person.

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3. Emphasize your similarity

We like those people who are somewhat similar to us. Find common views or interests with the interlocutor. It can be the same choice of sport, music, or hobby. Apart from similar tastes, you may have the same negative attitude towards anything. This also brings them closer together. Emphasize the similarity with the interlocutor. This will help you build closer contact. Repeat the gestures, facial expressions and demeanor of the interlocutor periodically, but do not overdo it. Mirror behavior will be an indicator of your similarity.

4. Behave as if you like the person you are talking to

There is a concept of mutual sympathy. When one person treats another well, the other develops a mutually positive attitude. Behave with your interlocutor as if you like him, and you are good comrades. This trusting attitude towards another person usually evokes sympathy in return.

5. Compliment the other person

Notice the positive aspects of a person's character and behavior more often, and then say it out loud. People love to hear compliments to themselves, even if they are said in a veiled way. Take note of what the other person is proud of, and then compliment it. The positive things that you say about people, they will identify with your positive qualities. But avoid saying bad things about anyone at all. Negative traits of other people whom you condemn will be attributed to you.

6. Don't strive to be perfect

Impeccable people repel with their inhuman and cold ideality. Don't be afraid to appear imperfect and human. Tell us a little about yourself so that people understand that you are the same as they are. Share a secret so that there is a feeling of trust and intimacy between you. Show that you can keep secrets and you can be trusted.

Focus on facts
Focus on facts

7. Meet more often

The timing and frequency of meetings are good bonding factors. People with whom we often intersect become closer and more attractive to us. Get noticed more often, attend general events, agree to invitations, and do not sit at home a recluse. Everyone loves the people we see and meet often.

How easy is it to be liked by others? Use these 7 psychological tricks every day. Gradually, you will notice positive changes that have arisen around you.

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