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How to develop iron discipline? How to pump willpower?
How to develop iron discipline? How to pump willpower?

Most people will achieve nothing in life. Self-discipline is an essential component of success in absolutely any business. Tired of being a weak-willed average? Any goal and dream requires, first of all, iron discipline.

90% of people go limp with the flow of life. All their dreams turn out to be pissed off, and their goals unattainable. You see them every day on the street. They hang out on their phones, play games, get absorbed in social media, watch stims, get addicted to alcohol, hang out in clubs, spend years on the couch or aimlessly interacting with other parasites. Aren't you bored of being among them?

Every time I hear the expression "ordinary person", I realize that this is a poor, lazy, unsportsmanlike and undisciplined mattress. All these "normal people" are a gray mass that cannot achieve their goal due to a lack of self-discipline.

They say they want to be bloggers, businessmen, stars, millionaires. They dream of having a beautiful body and a beautiful life. But what are they doing for this? It's just their dream that they tell their loser friends about when they get drunk. How do you turn from a weak-willed middle man into a disciplined war?

How to develop iron discipline?

Sit down and think about your options for the future

Imagine a better life and that deaf ass you are sitting in right now. Do you want to be at the point where you are now all your life? Understand the difference between immediate and delayed gratification. What can you get if your dream comes true? Are not fulfilled goals and dreams the most important reason for self-discipline?

What professions will be in demand in the future?
What professions will be in demand in the future?

Imagine the best and worst case scenario in your life. What would you achieve if you worked harder every day, gained new knowledge, read books, interacted more with people, led a sporty lifestyle, and worked on your dream all the time? What would your life look like? Sitting in old age by a broken trough and regretting that you turned out to be a weak-willed mattress? Or maybe sit by the sea with a glass of wine and rejoice that life is a success?

Exercise 2-3 times a week

Think sport is for morons and stupid jocks? A weak body cannot help you achieve your goals. You will not be able to be as productive and strong as possible at work, which means you will lose to the more enduring. A healthy body equals a healthy mind and spirit. Your brain receives full nutrition from the body and can work at 200%. A weak body will not impress the girls you decide to drive up to. A weak body and a beer belly is equal to a pitiful lover. Be sure to exercise 2-3 times a week. This will be your first step towards iron discipline. Among businessmen and famous people, 99% go in for sports.

What do you need to do specifically to pump willpower?

Nobody will give you a universal answer suitable for billions of people. Think for yourself what you have to do. Deep down, you already have the answers to where you should start. Start doing what you need to do, not what you want. If you want to be the best joiner or blogger, then go and do something about it. And not noah that you were not given a training manual to achieve your dreams.

No willpower?
No willpower?

How to develop discipline?

  • Start getting up early go to bed on time
  • Plan things for the future: for tomorrow, for a week, for a month and for a year
  • Follow the plan and don't indulge yourself
  • Don't put it off, tomorrow and someday
  • Keep your home and desk tidy
  • Do less nonsense, do not sit in the internet for days, do not watch TV series
  • Reward yourself for achieving intermediate goals and reward
  • Make promises to yourself and then keep them
  • Curb your cravings for sweets, alcohol and junk food
  • Chat with people who have similar goals and ambitious dreams
  • Practice self-discipline and dreams today

You can be talented and promising, but lazy. Stop thinking self-discipline is optional. It is she who can pull you out of the bottom of life. Self-discipline is the main key to a happy and successful life.

After many years, you will regret that you did not follow the advice of this article and only a few will say thank you in years …

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