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Financial stability advice. 12 secrets of rich turmeric
Financial stability advice. 12 secrets of rich turmeric

Do you run out of money before your next paycheck? Always not enough money or spend it on various nonsense? Well-being and financial stability is based on the ability to control your money. How to manage money so that it is always available? Secrets of rich turkules.

"Be thrifty and prepare for tomorrow." Ancient Greek poet-fabulist Aesop

At school, technical school and university we were taught many necessary things, but the most important things were forgotten. How do you manage your money? How to spend money, earn and control? Financial stability will allow you to have a decent lifestyle, and not be interrupted from paycheck to paycheck. Secrets of rich curkuli who know how to handle money.

12 tips for financial stability. How to have more money?

1. Kurkul plans a budget for the whole month

This is the basic rule for financial stability. Do you know the obligatory expenses: apartment, food, telephone, travel, etc. You can immediately see how much free money remains in your wallet. Budgeting helps avoid imbalances when there is a lot of money or not at all.

Clarity of thinking. How to restore clarity of mind?
Clarity of thinking. How to restore clarity of mind?

2. The rich records all income and expenses

Money loves counting and control. Fixing expenses allows you to understand where the money is going, to identify spending errors and unnecessary spending. It is good to use financial apps for your phone for this. Analysis and cost adjustments need to be done every month.

3. A wealthy person saves from every salary or income

The amount of savings should increase every month. If you can't save money, then this indicates an incorrect distribution of income or a low-paid job, which is long overdue to change.

4. Kurkul knows how to save money

You know where and how to buy at discounts. You use promotions, but you don't buy into the cunning marketing moves of the stores that force you to buy too much. You know how to avoid unnecessary waste and pointless purchases. Be sure to focus on the indicators of price and quality. You don't spend money on show-offs, a new phone, or a cool car. These now you will not surprise anyone.

5. The rich have financial goals

You collect money for a big and significant goal. It can be a car, vacation, apartment, or some kind of business. There can be multiple targets, with a separate capsule for each. You have a clear idea of how much to save each month and when you will reach your goal.

6. Kurkul has a savings of six months

Financial experts recommend having a reserve of money for at least six months. Then there will be financial stability and confidence in the future. If money doesn't go into your pocket, you can still have a normal lifestyle. This will allow, in the event of a job change, illness or unforeseen circumstances, to get out of a difficult situation. Saving for six months will allow you to calmly find a new, good and decent job, and not rush to any job in which there are no prospects.

Money is not the main thing in life or the main secret of money
Money is not the main thing in life or the main secret of money

7. The rich pay their bills on time

You avoid situations when debts on utility bills, fines, insurance or loans accumulate. Why pay interest and other fines? Financial discipline is very important. If you took out a loan, then pay off as soon as possible.

8. Kurkul keeps savings in several boxes

Banks go bust, apartments are cleaned by burglars or other troubles happen. Keep your savings in several banks, in different stash at home or other places. Money lying in several stashes guarantees greater reliability in case of unforeseen circumstances and the emptying of one of the money boxes.

9. A financially literate person does not take loans for nonsense

A loan for an apartment is one thing, but a loan for a phone, TV or car is quite another. Better to wait and buy later than pay interest. It is important to avoid installments. This will help you not to waste money that you have not yet earned. Banks support a person in the same way that a rope supports a hanged person. Why fall into the bondage of a bank that profits from such simpletons?

10. Kurkul doesn't run out of money until a new paycheck

If at the end of the month you run out of money and eat pasta, then something goes wrong. Budgeting incorrectly or spending more than you earn. American politician Benjamin Franklin advised: "Spend one penny less than you earn."

11. Kurkul neither lends nor borrows

It is important to live within your means and avoid lending to other people. Why spoil or lose relationships with friends? Everyone has their own money. No debt or borrowing.

How to treat money so that it is? Millionaire Tips
How to treat money so that it is? Millionaire Tips

12. The rich have a plan to increase their income

Alphonse Carr said: “To make a living, you have to work. But to get rich, you have to come up with something else. " Even if you earn enough there should be a plan to improve financial stability. Career promotions, bank deposits and finance. Finances should grow constantly, even if only a little.

Money requires increased attention to them if you want financial well-being. Follow the advice of Kurkuli almshouses and enjoy financial stability.

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