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How to make a positive impression?
How to make a positive impression?

Success in career, friendship and relationships depends on the ability to present yourself. How do you like all the people around you and leave a positive impression? How to use charisma, charm and charm? Secrets of successful communication with people.

Some people become the favorites of any company and in any place, while others are avoided and ignored. Success in all spheres of life depends on how you present yourself. How to charm with your appearance, manners, judgments and character traits?

How to please the people around you?

The most important goal is to create positive feelings in people when they communicate with you. This requires adjusting your usual communication style. How can you become a more pleasant and attractive conversation partner?

People want to feel important

Initiate human contact. Show each person that he is very interesting to you. Show genuine consideration and respect. Let's speak up, don't interrupt, listen carefully, be interested in business and be happy when we meet.

Show empathy, which is expressed in empathy with the current emotional state of a person. Encourage people to talk about themselves. Engage the person in communication so that they feel special, important, and significant.

People want to be cool

Every person dreams of being recognized by others and the whole world. Give people compliments, praise, and notice good features. Give honest compliments in passing and without focusing on them. Take an interest in the person's opinion and ask for advice.

I do not know how to communicate with people
I do not know how to communicate with people

Don't force people to defend themselves. Avoid criticism, skepticism, ridicule of mistakes and mistakes. Use and instead of but. Express exclusively your positive attitude towards the person. Always be on his side.

People want to be loved

At every meeting, rejoice and smile at the person. Be friendly, optimistic, and cheerful. Smile willingly and laugh heartily. Demonstrate sympathy with an open posture, a friendly manner, freedom of communication, and a comfortable communication style. Call the person by name. Show the person friendliness, love and sympathy for him.


How to make a positive impression?

"Charisma is some kind of mysterious force that evokes in us rapturous reverence … It is a seduction on a massive scale." Robert Greene

People want to connect with interesting, promising and cool people. Which make them admire and want to imitate. Who are always positive and full of energy. Who have leadership traits and are able to conquer the world.

  • Be confident 24 hours a day
  • Live a vibrant lifestyle
  • Show your best and strengths
  • Speak calmly and loudly
  • Reduce the rate of speech
  • Pause your conversation
  • Speak to the point, don't be yap
  • Keep your voice low
  • Listen carefully and with concentration
  • Encourage when talking
  • Convey positive emotions
  • Avoid opposition and conflict
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Explain your ideas and thoughts
  • Make time for other people
  • Take an interest in someone else's opinion
  • Positively energize people
  • Look athletic and strong
  • Dress stylishly, fashionably and beautifully
  • Do not express fears and do not be afraid of anyone
  • Show your professionalism
  • Lead an interesting and fulfilling life
How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

Why make a positive impression? A lot depends on the ability to like people and to find contact with them. Often it is not the mind, talent and skills that are more important than competent communication with the people around.

Please others and conquer the world.

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