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Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?
Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?

If you ask what is lacking for successful self-realization and a happy life, then it will be willpower. Willpower is the ability to make the right decisions, and not be led by laziness, temptation, fear and weakness. This is an important character trait that allows you to achieve your goal and realize yourself in life. How to pump willpower, on which everything depends?

"When it's hard for me, I always remind myself that if I give up, it won't get better." Mike Tyson

Everyone dreams of getting rich or succeeding for free. Win a lot of money in the lottery, find a cool job, grab something cheap and start a relationship with a good girl without giving anything in return. But it doesn't work that way. It happens more precisely, but extremely rarely, which confirms the exception to the rule.

Everything valuable, important and necessary must be obtained by yourself. It will not fall from the sky. Get it by work, perseverance, intelligence and hard work. There will be no freebies. Get your ass off and done. But it is difficult. It's hard to overcome laziness, apathy and your own fears.

In such moments, willpower comes to our aid. It is she who is responsible for discipline, making the right decisions, taking reasonable risks and taking advantage of the opportunities that come up. Without willpower, talent and opportunities will remain unfulfilled when persistent mediocrity make their way to the top of Olympus.

No willpower?
No willpower?
Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?
Strength of will. How to develop and strengthen?

How to develop and strengthen willpower?

"You are not a loser until you give up!" Michael Jordan

You need to cultivate discipline in yourself. That is why often people who have gone through the army have some advantages in life. They clearly understand that some things need to be done, and discipline is the basis of everything.

  • Make your bed. Always make your bed in the morning. This army habit will instill in you the understanding that one thing has already been successfully completed. The brain automatically adjusts to act on.

    Do what you need to do. Stop putting it off until tomorrow, next week, or next life. Do the right thing today. Go against your laziness, eternal employment and fear of defeat. Go and do it.

  • Don't give in to temptations. Identify the hindrances, temptations and temptations that get in your way. These are TV, social networks, the Internet, TV shows, messages, calls and aimless communication. Reduce their impact by limiting yourself in all of this. Temptations should be timed. Only during the scheduled rest on the schedule can you succumb to temptations.
  • Go in for sports. Sports training builds character, responsibility, discipline and willpower. Exercise at least 2-3 times a week. Choose your favorite sport: running, swimming, gym, crossfit.
  • Take time. Do what you need to do regularly, even if you don't have time. Do the right things for at least 30 minutes a day. Learn a foreign language, swing abs or run for at least half an hour. This will create commitment and regularity that will keep you moving forward.
  • Keep promises. Always keep the promises you make to people and to yourself. If you gave your word, then do it, even if there is a bleeding from the nose. It will teach you to value your word, build an excellent reputation and build willpower.
  • Start with small victories. You cannot achieve an enormous goal quickly and easily. Break it down into smaller ones. Achieve victories step by step, gradually gaining experience, knowledge and new opportunities.
  • Work at intervals. Work 50 minutes an hour and rest 10 minutes. During working hours, you cannot be distracted by other things, and 10 minutes are needed for tea, relaxation or a short walk.
  • Set deadlines. Any task takes up all the time that you allocate for it. Therefore, squeeze yourself in time. Give yourself an hour, two hours, a day, or a week for a task. But clearly by the time you jump in, complete the task.
  • Take time to relax. Throw in the compulsory rest in your plan. Get some rest in the evening, get enough sleep and chill out on the weekend. You cannot achieve what you want if you only work without interruption.
Examples of goals for the month
Examples of goals for the month

What do people lack for successful self-realization and a happy life? Willpower.

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