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What is the main mistake you make with any choice?
What is the main mistake you make with any choice?

Every day you make dozens and even hundreds of decisions that indirectly affect your life. The most basic mistake when making decisions is to play for the result. How to make the right choice in life, and not make mistakes over and over again?

"Always choose the most difficult path - you will not meet competitors on it." Charles de Gaulle

There is a concept of “bet on the result”. When a person begins to change a reasonable and correct strategy after several annoying failures in a row.

Examples of the game for the result

A person studies programming, attends courses and pulls up a foreign language. Then he tries to get an interview, but his candidacy was rejected several times. The person decides that he is doing something wrong. At this time, he plays poker several times, and he is lucky. A few random victories knock a person off the right course, and he decides that poker is his path. As a result, he wastes years on poker, wastes a lot of money, and misses out on a job in IT. The man was lucky a couple of times, and he decided that this was the right plan, although it was a fatal accident.

A man wants to meet a good girl. He sets the bar high and he hasn't been able to find a girlfriend for six months. Then the man lowers the bar and starts trying with girls who can be called the third grade or marriage. He begins to communicate with stupid, materialistic and windy heifers. A man has someone to choose a girlfriend from, but is she worth it? Nice girls are less lucky, but worth it.

How to make more money and not just save?
How to make more money and not just save?
What is the main mistake you make with any choice?
What is the main mistake you make with any choice?

How not to make mistakes when choosing?

Many people make the mistake of making decisions based on a straightforward strategy for results. We believe that the end results are clearly linked to the right decisions. But in real life, this is not the case.

Even if you do everything right, you may not get lucky. The right decision and plan may not work. And an absurd and erroneous decision can lead to positive results. But this is not a reason to cling to a ridiculous strategy.

When we make perfect decisions, we fail, and then we perceive failure as proof of mistakes. Do not change a sensible and correct strategy after several failures in a row.

How to make the right choice? Always choose the most optimal and correct option. It may not work this time, but it will work the next. Thoughts by categories of bets in games. If you choose the best option every time, you will win in the end.

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