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How to stop being offended?
How to stop being offended?

One of your most vulnerable points is resentment. You don't even realize, but you take offense at many people, circumstances, fate and life. Hidden resentment erodes your potential and prevents you from fulfilling yourself. Stop being offended, consider yourself a victim and open up to new opportunities.

"Taking offense and resentment is like drinking poison in the hope that it will kill your enemies." Nelson Mandela

When we use the word “offense,” we always imagine a little pouty child. But resentment is not only a childish feeling. With age, we begin to be offended even more often, and we carry some offenses in ourselves all our lives. The grievances become deeper, more lasting and painful.

There are many resentments lurking inside you, even if you don't think so. Resentment becomes a vulnerable point that interferes with living and achieving your own.

Why is resentment unproductive? It's time to stop being offended

"The smart ones do not take offense, but draw conclusions." Agatha Christie

When a person is offended, he subconsciously considers himself an unhappy victim. Betrayed, let down and wounded Which suffered unjustly. Which was not appreciated. The person begins to demand self-pity and behaves like a victim. People who constantly feel sorry for themselves and complain about their fate never achieve anything.

Offended, we consider other people responsible for our life and future destiny. We give other people power over us. They can make us losers by "hurting" or failing to meet our naive expectations only once.

Thoughts are material. How to think and attract good things correctly?
Thoughts are material. How to think and attract good things correctly?
How to stop being offended?
How to stop being offended?

So, having been defeated in love a couple of times, men begin to avoid girls. They program themselves in advance to fail in relationships with the opposite sex. All girls are evil, mercantile and bad. With such an attitude, it is impossible to find a good girlfriend.

The important thing is not to admit that you have been wronged. You were offended because you couldn't tell a bad girl from a good one. You thought with the wrong brain, but bought into the pretty face and seductive bulges of the girl. Stop considering yourself a victim and be offended. You yourself lost it.

Having failed interviews for a new job several times, we immediately give up. We were offended, betrayed and did not understand how good and wonderful we are. One friend of mine went to interviews about 15 times when she changed jobs. But this did not break her. She was not offended, but taught and taught. As a result, she got a job in a very good firm for the desired position.

How to stop being offended?

“People of a shallow mind are sensitive to petty insults; people of great mind notice everything and do not take offense at anything. " Francois de La Rochefoucauld

All deep grievances against your ex, parents, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and just life make you weaker. They suck all the juices and leave you feeling unconfident.

Some people immediately take offense at the whole world and give up. It's easier, isn't it? It's easier to whine. It's easier to complain about fate, crisis, government, cronyism, misunderstanding of other people and unhappy fate. Other people are not offended, but draw conclusions. They are smarter.

How you handle money is how it treats you
How you handle money is how it treats you

Resentment is pride and selfishness. We consider ourselves better than others based on perceived superiority. Resentment slows down progress and progress. We take offense, look for sympathy from others, wind snot on our fist and feel sorry for ourselves.

Resentment is a state of being a victim and a weakling. Offended, you give the reins of control of your life to other people. Stop being offended, no matter how difficult it is. Learn to draw conclusions. Notice everything, but do not be offended. This is the prerogative of the weak and the stupid.

Just stop being offended. There is no point in clinging to pain and sucking on it from all sides. No one can offend you without your consent. To be offended or not to be offended is your personal choice. When offended, this does not mean that you need to be offended. Draw conclusions and move on.

By letting go of resentment, you will become much stronger. Throw this unnecessary burden and move on. Strength, confidence and opportunity will appear.

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