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Insight. How can you become more discerning?
Insight. How can you become more discerning?

Discerning people can unmistakably recognize a person's character, predict behavior, reveal intentions and guess other people's secrets. Needless to say, discerning people are very successful in all walks of life? Discerning people are always several steps ahead of those around them.

How can you become more discerning?

“Praise to the discerning one. The ability to reason was once prized above all else; now this is not enough - it is still necessary to recognize and, most importantly, to expose the deception. It is impossible to call an unreasonable person reasonable. " Spanish novelist and philosopher Baltasar Gracian

Discernment helps in achieving success in your career, personal life, and any endeavors. Some people become more discerning with age as they gain some experience. Other people remain “blind”. How to improve your skill and become more perspicacious? Discernment can be learned at any age, the main thing is to want it.

What to do if there is a black streak in life
What to do if there is a black streak in life

Become more observant

Think of the literary character Sherlock Holmes from the English writer Arthur Conan Doyle. What was his strength? In observation, discernment and a sharp mind. Sherlock Holmes paid attention to a thousand little things, analyzed them and solved crimes based on inferences.

What to use to increase discernment? If you want to be perspicacious, then open your eyes, ears and your intuition wide open. Pay attention to details as if you were a detective. Be attentive and focused. Pay attention even to the little things that others ignore. Try to get as much information as possible where others are blind, deaf and inattentive.

Try to notice words, manners, gestures, facial expressions, behavior, habits, hobbies, desires, and other factors. What a person is wearing and what he looks like. What his behavior speaks for him. Do words and body language diverge? Try to unravel the thoughts, emotions and desires of a person. Show empathy for the people around you to understand them better.

Be like a search dog following a subtle scent. Pay attention to absolutely everything and make observation your second nature. Take note of small, rushing factors and mark them to your brain. Then they will come in handy.

Cultivate the habit of observing every day. Do not hang on your phone, daydreaming or other business. Be sensitive to various factors. Pay attention to what seems unimportant. As a result, you will notice what is inaccessible and invisible to the majority.

Examples of goals for the month
Examples of goals for the month
How can you become more discerning?
How can you become more discerning?

Analyze and organize information

The information received is a mess, in which it is difficult to understand all the ins and outs of the situation. Organize the information and subject it to further analysis. Compare events, words, factors, and subtle hints. Ask yourself the right questions to better understand the situation.

  • What is this person and what can you expect?
  • Why does a person do this and not otherwise?
  • What motivates the interlocutor explicitly and secretly?
  • What does a person dream about, what does he think and what does he plan?
  • What are other people saying?
  • What does experience say? Have you seen something similar before?
  • What is the interlocutor dreaming and dreaming about?
  • What does intuition and inner sense suggest?
  • How to find out the truth and recognize a person's intentions?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of a person?
  • How can you use your knowledge about a person for your own purposes?

Even if you cannot find the answer to all the questions, you can postpone it until a later date. When certain events occur or time passes, it will be possible to draw more accurate conclusions based on the information received.

Subject to careful analysis and interpretation of the information received.

How can you become more discerning?
How can you become more discerning?

Thoughts globally

What makes discerning people different? Get rid of prejudices and non-thought patterns of behavior. Thoughts are more global and large-scale. It is not always possible to explain something with logic and common sense. Try to see the invisible connections that govern people and events. Look deeper and get to the bottom of what is happening.

The psychology of poverty and wealth
The psychology of poverty and wealth

Look for and grope for hidden motives of various manifestations that will explain everything. Make use of your past experiences. Understand the true background by comparing it with similar factors elsewhere. Organize knowledge and put it on the shelves.

Avoid mistakes in reasoning

Don't just rely on words or obvious factors. Many people judge superficially by people and events, and then make mistakes and fail. Learn to sit farther than your nose, and not be lax, inattentive, arrogant and overconfident.

Ordinary people like to make decisions in a hurry, make the wrong conclusions, and base themselves on superficial factors. Don't be overconfident, question your judgments until you are more confident that you are right. If you have doubts about your conclusions, then support them with factors and conduct additional research.

Rational and non-rational cognition

There are two levels of cognition: sensory and rational.

1. Sensory cognition is sensation through sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste. It is the perception of the object and the representation of the object in memory.

2. Rational cognition is analysis and thinking. When we capture common sides, we judge by different factors using logic. Make inferences based on multiple judgments.

Develop discernment

How to develop your ability to guess and calculate? Develop logic, upgrade your intelligence level, gain life experience. Play chess, cards, backgammon, poker. Solve crosswords, charades, riddles and puzzles.

How to stop being naive?
How to stop being naive?

Try to calculate events a few steps ahead using your observations. Insight develops with experience. Do not be upset if not everything works out the first time. The main thing is not to lose sight of the details and trifles, and then carefully analyze them.

Insight is similar to intuition. It helps to protect yourself from troubles and surprises. Discernment gives you additional chances to succeed in all the paths of life. Be the one who is called "a scent like a dog, and an eye like an eagle." Such people always achieve their goal and self-actualize in life.

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