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It's boring with me. What to do?
It's boring with me. What to do?

Called boring? In reality, you are a more interesting, positive and cool person than others think. It's just that you make common mistakes that prevent you from seeing the real you. How to open up? How to stop being boring? What makes a person boring and what makes him interesting?

Sometimes we are called boring or simply avoid communication. The reason lies in the inability to be on the same wavelength with others. If you are tired of being aloof from life, having few friends, being uninteresting to others and suffering from loneliness, then this article is for you.

“It makes no sense to divide people into good and bad. People are either adorable or boring. " Oscar Wilde

A person cannot function normally, achieve his goals and self-actualize without society. Often we ask ourselves the question: "Why is it boring with me?" Why don't people make contact or run away quickly? You are not bad or stupid, this is something else. Communication skills are too weak and there is no experience to be interesting.

It's boring with me. What to do?
It's boring with me. What to do?

It's boring with me. How not to be boring?

People around you are bored with you, and they avoid communicating? Everyone around is having fun, chatting with each other, becoming friends, easily finding company and other half, but not you? It's boring with me. What to do?

1. Depression and sadness of the interlocutor. Everyone loves cheerful and positive people.

I'm not good enough
I'm not good enough

2. Lack of emotions, passion and temperament makes a person insipid.

3. Duty conversations about nothing, when it becomes boring after a minute of communication.

4. A person must have some kind of riddle and mystery that makes him entertaining.

5. All interesting people are a little wicked, sinful and negative. A little.

6. The interlocutor takes life and himself too seriously.

7. The lack of common themes and tastes makes a person an uninteresting interlocutor.

8. A cowardly person who is afraid of everything that challenges him and changes his life.

9. A person talks too much about himself, not at all interested in other people. Narcissus.

10. Talk badly about other people. Everyone thinks that you will talk about them in the same way.

11. The absence of interesting hobbies and interests makes a person impersonal.

12. A person is too one-sidedly fixated on money, work or some other quirk.

13. Low intelligence, when the interlocutor has read little books and has a low level of development.

14. Interlocutor who takes jokes and sarcasm seriously. And then he gets offended.

15. There are no bad guy or bad girl features inside, depending on gender.

It's boring with me. What to do?
It's boring with me. What to do?

16. Don't be open to things you don't know or understand.

17. An interlocutor who looks like a walking set of stereotypes and patterns of thinking.

18. Not be interested in the interlocutor, his thoughts, desires and mood.

19. Discussion of gossip, stupid programs and yellow news.

How to become a sociable person?
How to become a sociable person?

20. If the interlocutor agrees with everything, then the conversation becomes boring. It is important to have your own opinion.

21. Complaining and nagging about one's life makes a person sad.

22. Excessive passivity, lethargy and indifference in conversation.

23. There is no ease to rise, spontaneity, craving for adventure and extreme.

24. Inability to adapt to the interlocutor, place and circumstances.

25. The whole conversation of a person is focused only on what interests him, not the interlocutor.

26. Lack of concentration on the person and the conversation. Glances from the sides or into the phone.

27. A man sluggishly floating with the flow of life.

28. Too loud, hysterical, conflicting and inappropriate people.

29. Trying to stay in your comfort zone or cocoon, not wanting to meet new things.

30. Lack of sparkle in the eyes and unwillingness to be a little weird. Excessive normality is not normal.

It's boring with me. What to do?
It's boring with me. What to do?

It's boring with me? It is boring with those who are too selfish and do not want to adapt to the world around them. Don't make the mistakes of boring people. Be lively, real, outgoing, active and a little bad. Everyone loves interesting personalities, not the right nerds.

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