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How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

We all consider ourselves adults, but we have not learned to quickly find a common language, as we once did in childhood on the street. Developing communication skills makes life better. It will be much easier for you to find friends, communicate with others and improve your personal life.

Someone manages to find a common language with others in a matter of minutes when you sit aside and are afraid to communicate? This is clearly a flaw in communication skills or internal fears. In any case, you should communicate more with people in order to successfully interact with them.

How to understand that there are communication problems?

  • Are you embarrassed to start a conversation and unfamiliar companies?
  • Afraid of speaking in a large company and drawing attention to yourself?
  • Do you prefer to remain silent and answer in monosyllables?
  • Do you ignore communication and company, preferring to stand aside?
  • Do you have few friends and acquaintances?
  • Do people avoid being alone with you for communication?

All these factors indicate that you have poorly developed communication skills. You have to do something about this.

How to develop communication skills?

1. Be positive

A smile always attracts others, as well as a good mood. We are always subconsciously drawn to those who are cheerful, optimistic and happy. A good mood is contagious and attractive. People who are depressed, boring, sad, or angry are avoided. But merry fellows, giggles and positive people are always welcomed with open arms.

Secrets of communication and conversation
Secrets of communication and conversation
How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

2. Take an interest in other people

You will find friends or a girlfriend faster if you are interested in them than trying to interest yourself. When meeting, try to find common ground. What is your hobby, what does the interlocutor do and what does the interlocutor want? Feel for a topic that may be of interest to him. Try to understand the mood, character and personality of the interlocutor. This will allow you to establish contact and strike up a fascinating conversation.

3. Make eye contact and show engagement

Maintain eye contact with the other person. This shows your interest in the person and the conversation itself. Do not run your eyes around and do not make a bored look. If the interlocutor does not listen, turns his head around and looks in an unknown direction, then anyone will not want to communicate.

How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

4. Listen actively to the interlocutor

All people want to be heard. The most important communication skill is active listening to the interlocutor. Be interested in what the other person is talking about, ask leading questions, express approval and give feedback to the narrator. Gratitude will not keep you waiting, when they begin to consider you an excellent interlocutor just because you know how to listen well.

5. Don't interrupt or disturb

Most people have a nasty habit of interrupting, ending other people's sentences, adding their own five cents, reading notations, or inserting inappropriate comments. This indicates disrespect and tactlessness. Better to bite your tongue before disturbing the narrator with your words.

How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

6. Non-verbal communication

Pay attention to your body language when communicating. Are you in closed poses? Aren't you pinching and fussing? Are you acting in such a way that your body language does not confirm the words spoken? Pay attention to your posture, facial expressions, facial expressions, demeanor. Non-verbal communication makes a person more harmonious when body language does not conflict with the image.

How to formulate thoughts correctly?
How to formulate thoughts correctly?

7. Follow the rules of good communication

  • Remember the beauty of communication.
  • Express your thoughts clearly, clearly and competently.
  • Be confident and calm.
  • Do not forget with whom you are talking, choosing a certain style of communication.
  • Avoid jargon, swearing, and parasitic words.
  • Try not to have boring and routine conversations about anything.
  • Don't try to seem perfect or someone else, but be yourself.
  • Put yourself in the place of the interlocutor in order to better understand him.

8. Pause your conversation

Pause for 5 seconds before answering. This will help avoid the risk of interrupting the interlocutor when he is just taking a breath. The answer does not immediately, but after a few seconds suggests that you are really thinking and immersed in a conversation. Taking pauses, you position yourself as a wonderful and thoughtful conversationalist.

9. Give compliments and praise

Do not forget to praise or highlight the positive aspects of the interlocutor. Any praise will have a positive impact on your relationship. People always love to be appreciated.

How to develop your communication skills?
How to develop your communication skills?

10. Show respect

Any person you meet seeks respect and recognition for his merits. Show respect and pay attention to the other person. The better you treat a person, the better he treats you. This is a reciprocity effect. Memorize the little things in a person's life, making him special for yourself. Call the interlocutor by name. Everyone loves it.

How to develop your communication skills? Communicate more and more often with different people, remembering these tips for successful communication. Then there will be no problems with having friends and a rich personal life.

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