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Wise thoughts about life
Wise thoughts about life

What lessons do we learn too hard and late, and sometimes never? Why make other people's mistakes when it is better to learn from them, using someone else's bitter experience? What advice do people want to share with others?

Becoming smarter and wiser is better sooner than sometime later. This will bypass a lot of rakes, traps and obstacles. Now you are going to read different tips from different people. It once cost them dearly, but wisdom and experience are always explained clearly.

Wise thoughts about life

1. Being alone is no worse than marrying the wrong person.

2. Don't kill yourself at work. You will be replaced so quickly that you will not even have time to notice.

3. Going beyond your usual life and comfort zone is hard, but this is where your dreams await.

4. You will definitely disappoint your parents, but trying to make them happy, you will be unhappy yourself.

5. You don't need a million friends when 2-7 friends are enough.

6. It's okay to fail, but it's not okay not to try.

7. Start playing sports from a young age. Make yourself a dream body as early as possible.

8. It doesn't end with the first love. You will fall in love many, many times. Don't be afraid to love.

9. It is not at all selfish to take care of yourself and your happiness.

Wise thoughts about life
Wise thoughts about life

10. If you wait until you are ready, you will wait forever.

I don’t know what to do in life. How to choose and find a path in life?
I don’t know what to do in life. How to choose and find a path in life?

11. Never trust your boss, colleagues and other strangers. They will stab in the back for their own purposes or out of envy.

12. It's okay to set boundaries. Seating people who do not notice them will be correct.

13. You are not an exception to the norm, but an ordinary one. There will be no miracles, and therefore you have to work yourself.

14. Attention for some purpose and real, genuine interest are two different things.

15. If someone seems to be good, that does not mean that he is.

16. Afraid to try something? What's the worst that can happen? Sometimes, nothing too scary.

17. When someone speaks badly about other people, he may do the same about you to others.

18. Some people never admit they are wrong. Don't waste your time fixing them.

19. You can be the best driver on the road, but you cannot control everyone else.

20. Smoking and alcohol do not help, and make everything worse.

21. Working your hardest will not ensure success in life. This will provide unrealistic stress and health problems.

22. It's okay to ask others for help. Learning from others is okay too.

23. You don't need to set yourself on fire to warm others.

24. You cannot help people who do not want to help themselves.

What is better to be silent about? Happiness, success and wealth love silence
What is better to be silent about? Happiness, success and wealth love silence

25. Focus on getting an education that will earn you good money and be happy.

26. Other people don't care what you think. They care about themselves, not about you.

27. Clean and care for your teeth.

28. Most of romantic love will be in your head, not in reality. Don't be fooled.

29. You will never know what will happen if you don’t take a chance one day.

Wise thoughts about life
Wise thoughts about life

30. Nice bed, nice shoes, nice clothes. Choose quality over quantity.

31. Do not allow anyone to offend, use or manipulate.

32. It is important to talk about your feelings.

33. You don't save by buying something at the sale, but you still spend money.

34. Sometimes you should let stupid people make mistakes and move on.

35. Don't let your fears get in the way of living your full life.

36. Strangers can leave your life at any time for any reason.

37. You will never learn the whole truth about a person until big money is at stake.

38. People are not as smart as they think.

39. Money solves most problems, so take care of it.

40. If you work in the wrong direction, then all efforts are in vain.

41. You can't give your heart too quickly, but you can't keep it with you forever.


42. Often you don't need outside advice when you know all the correct answers deep down in your soul.

Indian wisdom
Indian wisdom

43. Do not be a knight who saves girls, and then stays with a nose.

44. People will use you for their own purposes. Get ready for this.

45. Communicate and listen to the stories of your loved ones: grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, relatives. While you're young, you don't appreciate it.

46. Health or mental problems left unaddressed will ruin life.

47. Lie down and get up at the same time. Get enough sleep and rest if you want to succeed.

48. Don't leave progress in search of improvement. It's an endless process.

49. There are never ideal conditions to act. You always have to take risks.

50. Smile more often and enjoy life.

Wise thoughts about life will definitely help you, but only in one case. No matter how much wisdom you read, what is the use of them if you do not apply them in practice?

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