You won't take off my panties 10 times
You won't take off my panties 10 times

On a date, you can be perfect, but at some point you make a mistake and kill a woman's desire, thereby her panties will remain on her.

You were perfect and had a first rate date or meeting, but you only made one small mistake that canceled out all her desire. Her face changed dramatically, and her sweet mood was gone. Has this happened to you, buddy? What could it be? It's a shame when the date was great and the relationship with a girlfriend almost reached the point of sex, but then a misfire happens. You still do not understand the reason for the incident.

Masha is a very pretty woman and works as the head of a department in an international reputable company. You can say about her in three words: "Successful, sexy and lonely." Masha is lonely not because of moral or physical problems, but out of a completely conscious desire. Her motivation is as follows: "For now I want to live with full breast, without restrictions …" She has a lot of boyfriends who are just fighting for her attention. It was Masha who told all the situations and listed the main male mistakes on a date, which equate the chances of getting into her panties to zero.

She said, "You won't take off my panties 10 times if you do the following on a date."

You won't take off my panties 10 times …

1. You walk straight and make no effort. Yes, women like that a man is persistent, but if he does nothing to cheer or dispel me, then his business is a pipe. A man should seek and look after, and not try to roughly get into my panties at random.

Checking a girl for decency
Checking a girl for decency

2. You are unreasonably naughty to the waitress, bartender or other person. I am ashamed of you and I do not want to have anything to do with you. Most likely, my panties will remain on me not only this evening, but any other. Do you understand that this only concerns you, the rude person? Of course, I will not run away from the date right away, you just have no chance now. And I will sit aloofly opposite you and smile sweetly, waiting for the end of the date. Why is it cute to smile? At this moment, I desperately hope that the waitress still spat on your cocktail.

3. You constantly talk about work, business, and that the Dow Jones is growing by an extraordinary rate. Believe me, I, of course, am a little interested in business, but most likely not. I am meeting with you, not your company. I am beautiful and it is boring for me to hear about some numbers, and if you still want to get under my skirt, then rather change the topic of the conversation.

4. You are telling a long and boring story, a movie or any other uninteresting nonsense. Well, you can't be so boring! If I were you, I would make sure that I am still awake at the table. And panties? Don't even try!

5. You talk about yourself beloved. Hey, on deck, is there adequate? Narcissism in men is just awful. You should talk about me, admire my beautiful dress and eyes. Was I trying in vain trying to look stunning to you? You could not only see my beautiful panties with ruffles today, but even pull them off. Alas, your level of intelligence development turned out to be equal to the IQ of my dog, and sex with me does not threaten you.

To walk at home naked
To walk at home naked

6. You talk about sex even though we haven't done it yet. I know a lot about sex, but I don't want to mention it ahead of time. There will be no sex, and my panties were covered with a crust of ice five minutes ago.

7. You talk about financial problems and how hard it is for you to live. I'm not interested in this! A real man should be able to overcome difficulties, and not whine in front of a woman. How can you buy me new panties, especially since I have already looked after such cool ones …

8. You suggest that I split the bill at the restaurant, and then, like a real macho, try to pull off my panties? Are you really sick?

9. You harshly criticize me, my actions, hobbies or dreams. Note, I'm not talking badly about your plans or life. My panties hate you!

10. You tell me about your ex or other women. What a cretin! Take a close look around, my transparent panties have long gone with me …

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