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How to satisfy a girlfriend in bed
How to satisfy a girlfriend in bed

High-quality sex with a girlfriend is not only a pleasure at the highest level, but also, as a result, a dinner prepared on time, an ironed shirt and her good mood. Most relationships fall apart under the pressure of financial reasons and the lack of harmony in sex. We will tell you how to get on your feet financially next time, and now we will tell you how to satisfy a girlfriend in bed. Good sex is the foundation of a good relationship with your girlfriend.

How to satisfy a girlfriend in bed?

Satisfaction of the girl in bed and her mood

The results of sex, and the sex itself, strongly depends on the mood of the woman. As practice shows, women need to be prepared for sex: "walk" her, have sincere conversations, chat, create an atmosphere around her and then seduce.

Give compliments, make her happy, help her unwind and she herself will not notice how she will be mentally ready for sex adventures.

Foreplay in bed

Whatever they say about the size of the penis and the technique, but the main thing in sex is foreplay. Women need time to be aroused. Many men often sin and try to have sex when she is not ready yet. Special lubricants can help, but if the girl is not aroused, then it is useless. Scientists recommend giving foreplay for at least 15 minutes in bed. Men are usually ready faster, but if your body is still in control while the upper head, then do not stop fondling the girl. It is recommended that 60-70% of the time be devoted to caressing the girl's erogenous zones, located above the waist, and about 30% below the waist, when she is already more “ready”.

The unspoken and unwritten rules of sex
The unspoken and unwritten rules of sex

In bed, all women are unique

Every woman is unique, especially when it comes to bed. Your new girlfriend is a completely different person. If the former liked one thing, then the new passion may be completely different to the soul. Asking intimate questions to a new girl is ridiculous enough, but finding out her preferences is very desirable. Try to act more varied and watch her reaction. An attentive sex partner will surely catch which caresses evoke a greater response from the girlfriend, and will be able to satisfy the girlfriend.

This should be done with your girlfriend, even if you have been seeing each other in bed for more than one year. Erogenous zones change, new ones appear, and sexual experiments and observation will help to always be "aware" of the erogenous map of her body.

In bed, girls love with their ears

Do you like it when your girlfriend moans in bed? It turns you on as hell, but the sounds from your mouth can help her too. "Madam, I am an old soldier who does not know the words of love!" - you can exclaim and, silently, continue forward movements. But it is far from the fact that in such a situation the girl will reach orgasm and whether it will be of sufficient strength. Girls love with their ears, and if you use this rule for sex, then success is guaranteed. A word spoken in time to a woman's ear is able to elevate her to heaven of bliss. Say sweet compliments to her figure, sex opportunities, whisper in your ear the vulgar words overheard in a porn movie, say dirty obscenities that will finally bring her down.

Why is there not enough sex and how to fix it?
Why is there not enough sex and how to fix it?

Some girls complain that men not only do not speak vulgarities in bed, but also rarely moan. This does not give them confidence that the man not only finished, but also received first-class sex. The sounds made by a man may sound like a little lion's roar, a hoarse moan. If you manage to play along with her, then it will definitely satisfy her. Someone will say why this game? But one ex-girlfriend answered the question of sounds in bed: "I can not moan during sex, but it turns me on to the devil."

Experiment in sex

Even the most wonderful sex becomes boring if it is not varied. Talk to the girl about new positions, ask about her desires. If the girl is shy or not sure that it is worth trying something new, then you can act in hints or watch a similar experience in an adult movie together.

You can act more boldly if your friend is still hesitant. In the midst of sex, when she's already horny enough, turn her at an incredible angle and try something risky, forbidden, but extremely desirable. If the girlfriend will resist, then you should go to more "classic" sex and normal positions. But most likely the new initiative will be received with a bang, and the girlfriend will be satisfied, contented and happy, although, perhaps, a little embarrassed.

Don't leave her after sex

Left to the mercy of fate after sex, the girl might think God knows what. The girl may even feel not completely satisfied, although she experienced the strongest orgasm. Do not turn away and in no case run away on business, but stay with her. Hug her, chat with her, caress her, stroke her and cover her with kisses.

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If, after reading this article, thanks to us, at least one pretty girlfriend is completely satisfied in bed, we will consider our mission completed!

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