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Male and female logic
Male and female logic

There is no male or female logic. Also, logic does not depend, as some think, on the presence of a member.

“Women and cats always do as they please; men and dogs can only relax and come to terms with this state of affairs. " Robert A. Heinlein

There is no male or female logic as such. Also, logic is absolutely independent, as some think, on the presence of a member. There are various signs that reflect the sides of the psyche: logic and ethics.

According to research by American scientists, about 70% of men are logic and the remaining 30% are ethics. The female population of the planet has the majority of ethics in the same ratio. This does not mean that a person is completely guided by logic or ethics. In the process of thinking, both signs are used, just one of them is predominant when choosing a solution. Membership in a minority sex group often creates problems. Men - ethics are sometimes considered too indecisive and irrational, often referred to as "slobber", and women - logic - calculating, practical and masculine persons.

Although, judging by personal observations of people around, there are more men with masculine logic than according to studies, as well as women with feminine ones.

Male and female logic
Male and female logic

Male intuition. Logic

Logicians are tuned in to the objective world and are guided by scrupulous analysis and calculation of information. They build logical chains of facts and arguments. Sometimes this process is quite long, but when solving mathematical problems, orienting in space and interacting with mechanisms, it gives more accurate and better results than those of ethics.

Women will never understand what it is like to be a man
Women will never understand what it is like to be a man
a person is responsible for the processing of verbal information and analytical thinking (logic), while the information is processed sequentially (in stages).

Right hemisphere of the brainis responsible for the processing of non-verbal information and imagination (the ability to dream and give in to fantasies), and the information is processed in parallel (the whole situation is considered).

In women, the right hemisphere predominates, in addition, they can think with both hemispheres at the same time, which ensures a calm parallel execution of two things. In men, the left hemisphere is better developed, and he thinks alternately, which leads to the need to focus on the event.

The meaning of a man's life
The meaning of a man's life

One of the methods of distinguishing masculine from feminine logic is the hand. The pronounced predominance of the ring finger over the index finger in boys, boys, men speaks of logic, and the predominance of the index finger over the nameless in girls, girls, women speaks of ethics.

If, on the contrary, or the prevalence of fingers is not expressed, then this indicates the presence of feminine logic in men, and in women - of masculine logic.

Logicians love to prove their case with facts and examples, and ethicists often resort to requests, it is not difficult for them to ask.

Male and female logic
Male and female logic

The rationality of male and female logic

If we recall one of the most prestigious prizes - the Nobel Prize, then in 2002 it was awarded to two scientists who proved that people rarely make rational and correct decisions.

Prospect theory was first proposed by Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky in 1979. Scientists argued that a person is not able to predict correctly the probability of events, losses and gains. For example, when buying one thing, we try to save 5 Euros, and when buying another, we do not take this opportunity into account. Also, the possibility of short-term small gains is valued higher than the possibility of obtaining large grants in the future.

However, according to the results of other studies, scientists at the University of Washington have questioned this hypothesis. A person is able to predict the correct version of events if he has a complete or sufficient amount of information. In the event of a lack of information, people choose solutions more correctly, focusing not on logic, but unconsciously, i.e. on ethics.

Do I need to apologize? How to stop feeling guilty?
Do I need to apologize? How to stop feeling guilty?

Male logic versus female logic

It is difficult to say which logic is more correct, just men and women come to a solution in different ways. A man is able to make the right decision with a volume of information of 51% or more. Women often do not need such a volume of information, and their conclusions, when using the subconscious, give good results.

A couple in love, a man - a logician and a woman - an ethicist, is the most frequent and successful in relationships. But with any ratio, you need to remember: ethics are more psychologists and often need our support, and sometimes it is necessary to fight against logicians.

The inconsistency of women often amazes men, take at least the old question about meeting a dinosaur, but it also attracts.

Although male logic is also sometimes surprising. According to the poll "Pravda. Ru" "Which women do you prefer?" the men replied as follows:

  • Blondes - 35%
  • Brunette - 34%
  • Redheads - 18%
  • Brown-haired woman - 13%
  • As it turned out, 45% admitted that they were married to brown-haired women.

So men should sometimes be trusted in difficult matters, especially in the field where psychology is required, and not a logical approach, their beloved girlfriends, girls, mistresses and wives.

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