40 questions for the very smart
40 questions for the very smart

Do you consider yourself smart, quick-witted and well-read? Test your strength and intelligence, based on the level of knowledge of the school or university program. 40 questions for the very smart with answers.

Recently, on the Internet, I discovered a book by B. B. Balandin "10,000 Questions for the Very Smart." Because There are many questions, I have chosen 40 of the most interesting ones. I'll post the answers in the comments.

The overwhelming majority of questions are drawn up according to the principles of the classic game “What? Where? When?”, According to which it is possible to answer them based on the level of knowledge of the school or university curriculum. In some cases, the information for the answer is contained in the wording of the question itself, therefore it is recommended to read the questions very carefully.

In addition to the author's books, the book uses questions from the bank of the Velikie Luki club of intellectual games "VO!", Various Russian and foreign tournaments on "What? Where? When?”,“Brain-ring”, the international newspaper of experts and cavemen“Game”and the Internet database of questions by Oleg Stepanov.


1. Every day the Earth adds 400 tons in weight. By what means?

2. At the bottom of some northern seas, at a relatively shallow depth, you can find plowed furrows, the length of which reaches hundreds, and the depth - several meters. Name the “plowman” who created them.

3. Eagles, owls, moths and dragons, cicadas and bats, frogs and flying fish, lions and tigers … All of this includes a sport that is cultivated in China. Name it.

4. Which two passengers, according to the rules of international air transportation, cannot be in the same row of the aircraft cabin?

5. Before World War II, color-blind pilots were not hired by the US Air Force, but in 1941 the situation changed dramatically - they began to be given preference. Why?

6. What kind of water was obtained in the XIII century. monk R. Lull by repeated distillation of alcoholic beverages?

7. Astronauts say that from the height of river beds they look like blood arteries of a living organism. This figurative comparison is not far from the truth. It is no coincidence that during the Great Patriotic War, Odessa surgeons used water as a blood substitute. Which one?

8. What very important scientific instrument did the scientists of the Renaissance and the Middle Ages make from a small amount of water and honey?

9. There are few plumbing systems in India, and several million people wash in the waters of the Ganges every day. However, this leads to epidemics much less frequently than might be expected. The water of the Ganges River does not deteriorate even in open vessels in 40-degree heat. Why?

10. This water was invented in medieval Italy, but it gained world fame, spreading from German Cologne. What are its main qualities if only Russians have tasted it?

11. Italians call this state Montenegro. What do we call it?

12. For what achievements is the most prestigious title "Snow Leopard" awarded for climbers?

13. Which river, according to the proverb, can be crossed in only one direction?

14. The shortest river in the world is located in the United States and has a length of 134 m and an unusual short name starting with the letter "D". Give this title.

15. Where rivers run without water?

16. Thanks to which island was the proverb born: "Russia is the homeland of elephants"?

17. There is an island in the Strait of Gibraltar, which in ancient times could not have been bypassed during the crossing. This was deftly used by its inhabitants, charging a fixed fee from everyone. What is the name of this island?

18. In places where there are tornadoes, cans, bicycle and car cameras, closed cans explode. The mechanism of this phenomenon is clear. What happens for the same reason with chickens and roosters?

19. On the island of Valaam, tourists can see lonely pine trees whose trunks are twisted in a spiral. One of them has nine turns! Answer what feature of the local climate and what general feature in the growth of trees together lead to such results.

20. Which country got its name from being a no-man's land between Russia and Turkey?

21. In Asia it is white, in Brazil it is purple, in Mexico it is yellow, in Europe it is black. Name it.

22. What unique geographic features do Russia, Turkey and Egypt have?

23. Shortly before the First World War, Prince of Monaco, Duke Albert I, the owner of the casino, was interested in the mysterious beauty - Princess Sophia. A whirlwind romance developed, which ended with the theft of jewelry from the duke's safe. Frustrated, Albert I took drastic measures to capture the criminal, which complicate the life of other criminals to this day. What did he come up with?

24. In Sweden, dog owners prefer short, flattened breeds, while in neighboring Norway, on the contrary, they love dogs that are awkwardly tall, like a double-decker bus. What explains such a difference in tastes among neighboring, kindred peoples?

25. In the Middle Ages, noble ladies hung animal skins from their outfits. Whom did they catch in this way?

26. The indigenous people of Burma raise pigs, sell them to the Chinese, and then buy pork from them. Why do they need such unprofitable manipulations?

27. Why in Iran the conductor does not walk on the bus, but stands exactly in the middle?

28. Once Khoja Nasreddin was asked to perform the duties of a mullah in exchange for the deceased. As he ascended the pulpit, he asked, "Believers, do you know what I want to tell you?" “We don’t know,” they answered. “If you don’t know, then there’s nothing for me to talk to you about,” and went home. The next time the believers answered the same question: "We know!" “Well, if you know, there is no need to repeat myself,” and again Khoja Nasreddin went home. For the third time, the believers answered the same question as follows: "Half know, and half do not know." What surprised them with Hodja this time?

29. At the Nepa Lodge in Thailand, trees grow around the pool, and each of them has a sign with text advising not to put sun loungers within a radius of 1 m from the trunk. What are the owners of the hotel afraid of?

30. Healers of Cambodia recommend visiting the jungle at least once a day (or better twice: in the morning and in the evening), among the peoples of Southeast Asia it is considered an act of courtesy to sit with a guest in the jungle, because, according to the Japanese, at these moments a person is especially defenseless before the forces of nature. What is the purpose of these visits?

31. Monkeys in Singapore are often stolen - they represent a hot commodity on the international market. Therefore, the authorities forced the residents to take such measures that, in the words of the Singaporeans themselves, it became difficult to determine how the monkey differs from the person, and vice versa. What are these extreme measures?

32. When in a wild African tribe someone becomes seriously ill, the sorcerer can remove the disease in such a way that it can be taken in hand and then sold to naive white tourists. How?

33. In Swaziland, it is considered indecent to interfere with parliamentarians when they confer with their ancestors. How do they do it?

34. Going on the road at night, some inhabitants of tropical Africa tie pouches filled with insects to their feet. What for?

35. In some African tribes there was a ritual: a person was imperceptibly put into food a strong nerve poison, after which signs of death began (breathing, pulse, reflexes stopped). Relatives buried him, and after a while the intruders dug up and revived. What for?

36. After the legendary Pele published his book "I am Pele", he received a gold medal from the Ministry of Education. For what?

37. Preparing for the arrival of the pirate G. Morgan, the monks of the capital of Panama painted the sacred altar in white. Why did they do it?

38. In the Colombian region of Muzo, no chicken can be killed or gutted without the presence of a government official. What is the reason for this strange law?

39. Near g. Santiago de Cuba, at the very entrance to the bay, from the 17th century. there is a majestic, powerful fortress of Castilio del Moro. At present, it has been turned into the only museum in the world … Which one?

40. The authorities in the Mexican state of Tabasco have met with strong opposition in drafting anti-alcohol legislation. As a result, they managed to impose a ban on the sale of only one type of beer. In response to this ban, the owners of beer bars went on strike. What kind of beer was forbidden to sell them?

How to seem smarter than you really are? It will help at work and in your personal life
How to seem smarter than you really are? It will help at work and in your personal life


1. Due to cosmic dust.

2. Icebergs stranded.

3. Launching kites.

4. For a cat and a dog.

5. Because they can see better objects in disguise.

6. "Aqua Vita" - living water, which in the Middle Ages was used as an expensive medicine.

7. Marine (so-called biogenic substances are concentrated in it, the chemical and energy properties of which are close to the composition of human blood).

8. Magnifying glass (in the form of a drop on a small hole).

9. The waters of the Ganges contain a significant amount of silver.

10. Pleasant smell (this is O'de Colon - water from Cologne).

11. Montenegro.

12. For the conquest of four seven-thousanders.

13. Rubicon.

14. D (you can't imagine shorter).

15. On geographical maps.

16. Solovki (on it under I. V. Stalin were located Solovetsk special camps. Read the abbreviation).

17. Tariff.

18. They pluck bald, as their hollow feathers explode.

19. Strong and SUSTAINABLE WINDS blow on Valaam. Since the BRANCHES near the tree grow mainly SOUTH, a lever is obtained with which the winds unfold the trunk. The branches grow back to the south - and a new turn …

20. Ukraine (from "outskirts").

21. Mourning.

22. Located in two parts of the world.

23. Interpol, created in 1914

24. In Sweden, the tax on dog owners is determined according to their height, and in Norway - according to their length.

25. Bloch (taking care of the body, according to Christian morality, was considered bad form).

26. Buddhism forbids them to kill.

27. He separates the male and female halves.

28. "Let those who know tell those who do not know!" - and went home again.

29. Falling coconut.

30. Out of need (toilets are not everywhere).

31. The owners of all monkeys were obliged to have passports for them.

32. The sorcerer removes the disease with a mask, which is then sold in the markets.

33. In a dream (some of our parliamentarians do the same at meetings, only no one understands them).

34. To illuminate the road (fireflies are collected in bags).

35. To be used as a zombie.

36. Many have learned to read and write specifically in order to read this book.

37. So that it does not attract his attention, since it was made of pure gold.

38. In their stomachs may be emeralds, which stupid chickens peck to improve their digestion.

39. Piracy.

40. Cold!

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