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10 lists that will change your life
10 lists that will change your life

Do you like order in everything, especially detailed lists? Lists help you more clearly define your goals and desires, which helps you actually achieve your dreams. 10 lists that will revolutionize your life.

Lists help to self-organize and better understand themselves, to indicate the direction of development. The first step towards keeping up with everything and living in pleasure is to write down and organize your thoughts.

It is initially difficult for a creative person to drive himself into the proposed framework. It is extremely difficult to live according to a rigidly written plan for a day, a week, a year. Lists are a method that will allow you to live and work as efficiently as possible, taking into account all the characteristics, desires and needs of a creative person.

Keeping in mind a million things, plans and notes “do not forget” at the same time, you keep your own brain in a state of stress and from this you cannot work effectively. To protect yourself from wasted energy and time, get used to immediately jot down thoughts and plans that come into your head.

It's very important to be in the mood for adventure. We are starting an interesting and exciting game. We will dream, choose prizes, celebrate victories, enjoy every moment. Here are 10 lists that will change your life:

Self-development lists

The first part of the lists is about you loved ones, about who you are, what you love and what you dream about.

1. List "I love"

Love is one of the 4 components of a happy life.

Traits of the poor and losers to get rid of today
Traits of the poor and losers to get rid of today

Include activities that you enjoy in this list: dancing, receiving and making surprises, chocolate, traveling, inventing, sand running through your fingers, walking barefoot, raindrops on glass, rustling autumn leaves, swimming far into the sea, eating a watermelon core, to feel the warm wind with a naked body, to love and when they love.

When you do what you love, your heart sings with happiness.

To make your heart sing faster, let's make a second list:

2. List "I don't like"

Knowing what you enjoy is very important, but it’s just as important to describe what you don’t like.

For example, making a bed, making phone calls with customers, washing dishes, standing in lines, checking accounting records, answering emails, maintaining a social network page, unscrupulous contractors, angry people, tight pants, grumpy women, etc.

After making a list, decide what to do with each item: delegate, outsource, negotiate with your husband / wife, etc. Maybe it's time to buy a dishwasher or hire a personal assistant?

Many "creatives" are afraid to delegate authority for various reasons. But your unnecessary affairs for someone can be the best gift and salvation in their situation. In return, you will receive the most valuable thing - time that you can spend on more important things.

"Time cannot be saved, it can only be spent in different ways." Brian Tracy

Stereotypes that prevent you from realizing yourself
Stereotypes that prevent you from realizing yourself

3. List of "33 pleasures"

It is this list that allows you to constantly enjoy life. It is important that the list contains at least 33 items.

Unlike the first list, it is useful to write down the smallest everyday pleasures here - drinking good coffee, listening to Strauss, going to a museum, reading an interesting book, going to your favorite website with photos, or driving a car at high speed.

As soon as you want to reward or please yourself, close your eyes and point your finger at any line of the list. What item will drop out - this is what we implement. We recommend using this list every day!

4. List of "My Big Dreams"

Many make such a list at the end, or at the very beginning of the new year. It's never too late to start composing it.

If suddenly you do not have such a list, today is the time to make it. If there is - check, maybe it's time to revise it - remove the performed one, add new interesting points.

Bake a cake, visit the Brazilian carnival, visit the birthplace of jazz, shout from the top of the Empire State Building to your loved one: "I love you!"

What countries and sights would you like to visit?

What feelings would you like to experience?

What moments would you like to witness?

What would you like to accomplish that is most important on your scale of values?

What would you like to learn?

Who would you like to meet?

What would you like to achieve in different areas of your life (social, family, physical, spiritual)?

Daily mistakes
Daily mistakes

5. List "I"

Add the qualities and character traits of the person you want to be to this list.

It is useful to illustrate this list with photographs and pictures.

Choose one new quality in which you will live, like in new clothes, all day long. Check the list periodically to remind yourself of how versatile and unique you are.

Case development lists

The second part of the lists is about your business and how to be successful in it.

6. List-plan "101 steps to a dream"

So that dreams do not remain on paper or only in your head, you need a plan - a plan of small steps that will lead you to the desired result. 101 steps to a dream. 101 Steps to Mastery. 101 steps to space flight. Anything.

There can be as many of these lists as you have dreams. Which one do you choose to start with?

7. List of "Strong Questions"

The answers to powerful, magical coaching questions will help you make a real difference in your life:

"Do you live the way you really want to live?"

"How does what you do brings you closer to your goal?"

"What would you try to accomplish if you knew that success is guaranteed and you are not in danger of failure?"

Think about them for 5 minutes. In fact, your heart and your brain crave strong questions so you can reach your full potential.

How to go towards your goal: heading towards your dream
How to go towards your goal: heading towards your dream

8. List of "Invented Questions"

A very creative way to come up with something new in your life and in your projects.

We take a piece of paper and begin to write on it any questions that come to mind, simple and stupid, smart and important.

Why are neighbors talking loudly?

Where can I find cheap paint for a summer residence?

Why are children more spontaneous than adults? Etc.

Approximately on the 50-60th question, insight will come, but it is very important not to stop, but to continue, at least up to 100 points.

Among all these questions, you will surely find and feel it - the most important and necessary at the moment.

9. Ideal Client List

Break the list down into three:

Your favorite clients for the entire period of work, regardless of budgets and other factors. Let the main argument for including persons on this list be that you really like this person, the process of working with him and the result that you get together. It could even be your family members, friends, work colleagues;

The most enviable clients. These are the persons / companies that you dream of getting your clients;

Lost customers are those with whom you broke up for various reasons, but would not mind getting back to work.

Once you have clearly defined your ideal client, you will be able to answer the main questions - where and how to look for him.

Just be yourself
Just be yourself

In addition to the list of ideal clients, you can make a list of partners, agents, contractors, potential acquaintances who can become guides to your clients.

10. List of "Chips"

Did you like something? How can you apply this in your business?

Did you like someone? Think about what they do, how they dress, where they live, what talent they are popular with, what sets them apart from thousands of others. what made them famous: the brand color? actions? sharp mind and catch phrases? faith in your business? sincere love for people? work and commitment 24 hours a day? active social position? super task?

Track your brightest emotions, write down what surprised you, made you cry, or irritated you. Analyze what technique is used here. Why is the whole audience, including you, standing up applauding at the end or screaming from the surging storm of feelings in the very middle of the performance?

Fulfilled desires should be noted in a special way, and new ones should be entered regularly. Dreams tend to come true. Once you formulate your desire, the brain will start looking for solutions.

Your lists are a tool to have, not in your head, but close at hand. In the free five minutes that you have left (on the way, waiting for a meeting, in line), you can open the same list of pleasures and, according to it, listen to divine music directly from your phone.

What lists do you regularly maintain? Share in the comments. The article uses materials from the book "Turn on the heart and brains" by Daria Bikbaeva.

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