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Dating mistakes
Dating mistakes

Almost all men are guided by their own experience and the experience of friends when meeting the fair sex. But what about the experience of psychologists?

Research has long shown differences in gender perceptions of relationships and dating in particular. Some men make mistakes by following the standard male behavior.

Almost all men are guided by their own experience, the experience of friends, brief fragmentary information from books or men's magazines when meeting the fair sex. Boys, boys and then men waste time unproductively and use ineffective and controversial methods.

The ideal dating option for a girl is you ride a white horse, look at her, amazed by her beauty for about 30 seconds, break the dragon's head, put her in your saddle and leave with her at dawn to the touching music of Celine Dion. But since they are not allowed to enter the bar with a horse - we will look for other options for dating the fair sex.

The experience of psychologists. Dating mistakes

Dating training on the wrong girls

Training in dating, relationships and communication with girls who are not worthy of you. Men lower the bar for assessing the opposite sex in order to avoid rejection and train on ugly, as well as girls of very easy virtue. In the future, men hope to hone their skills and take care of beautiful and normal girls. The fact is that by training on "crocodiles" and whores, you will learn to shoot only "crocodiles" and whores. Beautiful, adequate and dignified girls require a completely different approach, but which one you will not find out if you deal with the wrong girls.

Should you run after a girl?
Should you run after a girl?

The thought that girls love huge muscles

Yes, women love strong men, but everything should be in moderation. The mountain of muscles just scares women and they prefer not to mess with its wearer. Huge muscles are good, but women often prefer ordinary men with an average muscle corset to huge "closets". The body of a man living in a gym often develops one-sidedly and, as a result, low IQ, but overestimated self-esteem. Psychologists urge men to versatility and development in all plans of life. Skinny androgenic-looking guys are an even worse extreme.

Rudeness and bad dating behavior

Rudeness will interest the fair sex. The topic of bad guys is so outlined in magazines that men have a clear idea of the ideal professional playboy in their minds: rude, arrogant, selfish and cynical. Women only love some of the traits of bad guys, but not these at all. They like confident guys, but rudeness and negligence in relationships ruins everything in the bud. A girl's self-conceit can not withstand a superficial and devil-may-care line of behavior. Often, girls already have low self-esteem and have suffered enough from the cruelty of men. And when a man becomes ready to get closer to a girl, the chance for a full-fledged relationship has long been missed. With this behavior, none of you will be able to experience the love euphoria of the relationship.

Few people remember to the end the expression: "The less we love a woman …", so it is worth remembering the novel in verse "Eugene Onegin" by AS. Pushkin.

The less we love a woman, The easier she likes us

And the more surely we destroy her

Among seductive networks.

Debauchery used to be cold-blooded

He was famous for his love science, Trumpeting about himself everywhere

And enjoying not loving …

In 1822, Pushkin expressed the same vision of relations in a letter to his brother Lev Sergeevich: “The less you love a woman, the more surely you take possession of her. But this pleasure is worthy of an old 18th century monkey."

How to drive up to a girl you like?
How to drive up to a girl you like?

Disregard for male appearance when meeting

We often hear the phrase: "A man should be a little more beautiful than a monkey." But this is only partly true. No matter how beautiful your soul is, a man's appearance is a calling card. Looking unkempt critically reduces your chances of success with women. Despite the fact that beauties easily agree to less attractive partners, the importance of male appearance should not be underestimated. The figure, face, wardrobe - everything should look great. Even from an ugly appearance, you can squeeze out 100% and look better than other initially prettier representatives of the stronger sex.

Money is everything in a relationship

Money does not solve all problems; only very big money can solve all problems. Men have repeatedly noticed how beautiful girls meet with such types, whose main and often the only trump card is their wallet. Women are often attracted not by money and luxury themselves, but by the fact that they ensure the safety of their future and their children. Confidence in the future is a very powerful aphrodisiac for women.

Very muddy types, but with money they attract whole flocks of money hunters, but they are hardly the ones you need. Even for big money, you can't buy love, affection, and trust.

Pretty girls are harder to meet

Sometimes beautiful girls are not choosy in choosing a partner and are no different from ordinary women, except perhaps without an admixture of despair.

How to charm a girl?
How to charm a girl?

Yes, beautiful girls have higher standards and requirements, but if you are what we think, then you are unlikely to have problems with them.

The success of dating and even seduction depends solely on you. The male problem when meeting beautiful women is that they don't even try to do it. How can you win a competition if you are not participating in it?

Dating mistakes
Dating mistakes

Shot from the movie "Pulp Fiction"

The right approach when meeting

The hackneyed expressions play against you. When you meet, and in the future, be active, friendly, smiling and courteous and the woman will reach out to you. Don't forget to buy a drink for her. It sounds like a crude pick-up cliche, like you're sticking to a learned pick-up line, but looking like a curmudgeon is even worse. Be at ease and ask the beauty you like: "Will you have anything?" or choose two cocktails for the girl sitting at the bar yourself. There is always a risk of being mistaken in her tastes, but you can spy on what she ordered before you and repeat.

Standard mistakes when dating are extremely not cool, although, they say, a girl knows after 5 seconds whether she will give it to you or not.

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