The Laws of Happy Relationships
The Laws of Happy Relationships

If you are not satisfied with the existing relationship, then something needs to be changed. The laws of happy relationships, love, trust, sincerity, touch and sex.

1. The law of similarity

We always attract just such a person into our life, which we are, in essence, ourselves. If you are not satisfied with your surroundings, look into your soul. If you think that you are lucky with people, it is only because you yourself are. Therefore, if you want to attract a worthy person into your life, become that person.

2. The law of cause and effect

What we give is what we get. Treat your partner the way you would like them to treat you.

3. The law of love

We all, both men and women, are in great need of love. Love means acceptance, sincerity, tenderness, care, willingness to give and be responsible, reliability, selflessness, generosity. And the more we show these qualities, the more we get in return.

Such manifestations as fear, jealousy, dependence, manipulation, control, claims, reproaches, destroy relationships and have nothing to do with love.

4. The law of the power of words

You know the power of words. You can heal with the word, and you can kill. Watch what you say. Labels, insults, reproaches create wounds in the soul that are difficult to heal. They are irreversible. Because in the soul of every person lives a child who is afraid of being rejected. Be careful not to underestimate your ability to hurt him. Use the power of words only for warm words, compliments, approval, support.

How do women manipulate you?
How do women manipulate you?

5. The law of trust

Trust is vital to a truly loving relationship. Without it, a person becomes suspicious, anxious and full of fears, and the other feels like he is in an emotional trap, it seems to him that he is not allowed to breathe freely. Jealousy is the fear of being alone, low self-esteem, and self-loathing. Trust is an essential element of true love.

6. The law of sincerity

People often assume that if you love someone, then that's all - there is a life of happiness ahead. But in fact, love is never motionless, it is like a plant that either grows and blooms, or withers and dies. It all depends on what we do with it. Sincere communication is like water, without it the plant cannot survive. Talk to each other about your desires, needs, your attitude and feelings. Let your partner know that you love and appreciate him. Never be afraid to say the three magic words: "I love you." Don't take being nice to you for granted. Talk about your feelings, don't be afraid to over praise your partner. Sincere praise, like the sun for a plant, will breathe new life into your relationship. Because in each of us there is an inner child who vitally needs approval and acceptance.

The Laws of Happy Relationships
The Laws of Happy Relationships

7. The law of donation

To love means to give a part of yourself, without payment or reservations. If you want to receive love, you only need to give it. And the more you give, the more you get. Love is like a boomerang, it always comes back. It may not always be from the person to whom you gave it, but it will still return to you. And he will return a hundredfold. It is important to remember that we have an unlimited supply of love. We do not lose it when we give it. And the only way to lose the love within us is not to give it to others.

The irreplaceable have been replaced, the unsurpassed have been surpassed
The irreplaceable have been replaced, the unsurpassed have been surpassed

One of the reasons people rarely experience love is because they wait for someone else to love them first. But it is like a musician who says, "I will only play music when people start dancing." Or wait for warmth from the fire without putting firewood there. True love is unconditional, it does not ask for anything in return. She does not tolerate barter. The secret formula for a happy lifelong relationship is to always pay attention not to what you can take, but to what you can give.

8. The law of touch

Touch is one of the most powerful expressions of love, breaking down barriers and strengthening relationships. To touch a person means to touch his soul. Maybe that's why, when we are offended by someone, we say: "Don't touch me!"

Hug your loved one more often just like that, without a sexual motive, hold hands. Researchers conducted an experiment in a London clinic. The chief surgeon used to visit each of his patients in the evening before the operation to answer questions and explain the general nature of the operation. And during the experiment, the surgeon held the hand of each patient for the few minutes that he talked to him. These patients recovered three times faster than the others.

When we carefully touch someone, both ours and his physiology change - the level of stress hormones decreases, the nervous system relaxes, the state of the immune system improves, and the emotional state. There is an opinion that if we do not hug 7-8 people in a day, we are doomed to sickness. Touch, like nothing else, speaks eloquently to us about the manifestation of love.

Bad weather date
Bad weather date

9. The law of freedom

If we love someone, we need to give him freedom. Free to make their own decisions, free to live the way he wants, and not the way we want. Each of us needs our personal space. People need to be free in their relationships, because otherwise they feel trapped. If you really love someone, you need to respect their wants and needs.

It is not always easy to let someone you love go free, but there is no other way. Life wisdom tells us: the more freedom we give to another, the closer he is to us.

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