Easy life
Easy life

The incessant struggle is exhausting. How to make life easier, better, more enjoyable? I stopped rushing and fighting, and just started to move smoothly through life and enjoy it.

Life can be a continuous struggle, and for many years it has been that way for me.

But gradually I realized what was the cause of this struggle, and how to make life easier, better, more pleasant.

You can live simply and easily, as if sliding through life, you can learn to swim, calmly and measuredly, not fighting the waves of life, but allowing them to support you.

I stopped rushing and struggling, and just started to move smoothly through life and enjoy it.

I have written a new book on this subject called The Easy Life. Here are some interesting facts about the book:

It was written collectively, by the whole world, on Google Doc. It was incredibly fun: usually writing something is a solitary process, but with the help of various technologies I was able to make this process public.

The world was making adjustments as I wrote. It was incredibly scary not to control the process of writing a book, being a writer yourself. I wrote the book quite vaguely, so everyone could make their own changes … I had no idea what would come of it. I thought that when I had finished making my amendments, I could decide myself whether to keep them or not … But then I just decided to obey the wisdom of the people and leave everything as it is.

Types of human temperament
Types of human temperament
This is my productivity mantra, although it sounds paradoxical. I don’t believe in productivity at all, but I do believe in important things. Do less and you will have to choose between meaningless work and work that really matters. Then life becomes much easier and you achieve a lot while being less busy.

Less is easier. Ask yourself more often, do I really need everything that I have now, or am I just holding on to it. Start letting go of what you have so that it doesn't all possess you. When you have less, it will become much easier for you. It is wonderful.

Let go of the little things. People who try their best often struggle over the little things. We constantly think about what is generally unimportant. We resist instead of just letting go. Let the little things go, breathe and move towards something really important.

Clean up on the go. I haven't mentioned this for a long time, but at the very beginning of Zen Habits I wrote about the habit of cleaning up on the go. Instead of collecting "spring cleaning", clean up gradually. Wash the plate. Dust off the shelves as you walk past them. Sweep the dirt as soon as you notice it. When you tidy up as needed, tidying up is like a breeze, and it's not difficult at all. By the way, this applies to everything in life, not just cleaning.

How to become smarter and wiser? How to Boost Your Brain to Succeed in Life?
How to become smarter and wiser? How to Boost Your Brain to Succeed in Life?
Most people are too impatient to follow this advice - they want everything at once. There are so many things to change, but we don't want to wait another year. And as a result, often not everything works out, and we feel badly. Or we don't start to change anything at all, because too many changes are frightening and overwhelming. It’s hard to learn that small changes are extraordinarily powerful and more permanent. Small changes lead to global changes. Slow, but reliable and easy.

Learn to focus on the things that really matter. This follows from all of the above, but it is so important that I want to emphasize again. Swimming (or any other exercise) is more effective when you perform only the necessary movements and eliminate all unnecessary ones. Stop rushing around, be more whole and calm. You achieve this when you understand what is really important and sweep away all that is empty.

Be empathetic. This will make it easier for you to get along with other people. Help you feel better about yourself. People like you more and help them improve their lives. Let any communication with another person allow you to show your sensitivity. zenhabits

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