For those over twenty
For those over twenty

Most interesting events take place in twenty years. At this moment, it is important to find yourself and your destiny. For those over twenty …

80 percent of the most important events in our lives occur between the ages of twenty and thirty. The paradox is that what happens to us in our twenties does not seem so important.

A dangerous idea

When we leave everything for later, after thirty, a huge burden falls on our shoulders: we need to succeed, get married or get married, make money, buy a house, start a business, have two or three children - all in a very short time.

Find a destination

Research suggests that if a person is engaged in a job that does not match their qualifications for just nine months, they may have higher rates of depression than even their peers who have no work at all.

Weakness of strong ties

Sometimes our close friends hold back our development. Typically, the people with whom we form close relationships are too similar to each other to offer more than compassion.

The strength of weak ties

Weak ties include former employers, acquaintances and other people who have not become our close friends. They give us access to something new. They have experience that we do not have. They know people we don't know. Information and opportunities are transmitted through weak links.

How to pump charisma? Secrets of charisma
How to pump charisma? Secrets of charisma

How to find love?

“Every time someone on Facebook changes their status to“engaged”,“married”or“married,”I start to panic. I believe that Facebook was invented so that single people regret that their life did not work out."

How to become confident

The English term for self-confidence comes from the Latin con dentia - trust. People who are particularly successful in their field may have certain innate abilities or special talent, but other than that, they spend ten thousand hours polishing their skills.

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