How to become irresistible
How to become irresistible

Men like pretty, sexy and positive girls, and who are women looking for? What kind of men do women fall for? A few secrets of how to become irresistible for any girl.

You may not be the standard of beauty, not have a lot of money and status, but be popular with women.

Do you like obstinate, sexy and charming babes? Girls also have their own preferences, but they are very different from yours.

How to become irresistible?

Be stylish handsome

How to become irresistible? Be stylish handsome. Women are not as picky about a man's appearance as we are about theirs, but this is an important factor. Nobody bothers you to look fit, well-groomed and healthy. If you are not looking after your appearance yet, then it's time to start. Do you find excuses to sleep longer, rarely shave or shower often? How neat do your clothes and shoes look? Is your wardrobe admirable or pitying? Is the clothing respectable or does it look out of fashion, old and cheap? Women like men who smell good, take care of themselves, and look good. There is nothing surprising in this.

Be athletic

Weak and flaccid muscles or an unhealthy complexion are not attractive to anyone. How to become irresistible? You don't have to turn into a bodybuilder, but training does wonders. Everyone can become more stately, fit, athletic and pumped up. You will not only look, but also feel more sexy. And women will surely smell it.

Non-sexual signs of people who are great at sex
Non-sexual signs of people who are great at sex

Be funny

How to become irresistible? Develop a sense of humor. Women consider a sense of humor to be one of the most attractive qualities in men. Train and hone your sense of humor on your friends. Try to develop a non-cynical sense of humor that often scares and repels people. But good jokes are a valid option. If humor is a problem, then be someone who loves to laugh. Be receptive to funny things and laugh at the jokes of others. Laughing together allows you to relax and bond.


How to become irresistible? The fair sex loves compliments. Tell her that she has beautiful green eyes, a stunning smile, a cute blouse, a cute hairpin, a kind heart, or unusual thinking. But try to focus on the inner qualities, so you will not appear superficial and fixated on the outer colorful wrapper.

Reach for the heights

How to become irresistible? Reach for the heights. A guy who plays computer games every day or sits on his parents' necks is unattractive for the fair sex. A stable income allows you to provide for your family. And this is the kind of man women are looking for. Find yourself a job that allows you to pay your bills. Do not skimp and do not save on the girl, they feel it. Stinginess is perceived by women as a desire not to enter into a serious relationship.

Be cocky

The girls do not notice the goodies, the mumblers, the rogues and the insecure men. Be occasionally arrogant, cocky, obstinate and assertive. It's not for nothing that girls sympathize with the bad guys. It is these men who are stronger and more adapted to life. Girls are won over by the bold, not the indecisive.

Female and male piercings
Female and male piercings
How to become irresistible
How to become irresistible

Do not give up

How to become irresistible? Girls want play and fight. Nobody wants to see a surrendered opponent, just as they don't like weaklings. No need to bother with declarations of love or make it clear that you are ready for anything. Let him doubt your feelings. Let herself also seduce and conquer you. Only what is difficult to be appreciated.

You have no girlfriend and no one to be irresistible to? Be irresistible and cool on your own. And women will not leave such a man alone for a long time.

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