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Your last romance
Your last romance

Casual connections and random people. Tired of a fleeting and short-lived relationship that falls apart after a week or a month? Want romance, adrenaline, kissing, love and bareback sex? How to find the heroine of your latest novel?

Fleeting, frivolous, short-lived and hasty relationships have happened to many. But at one point you get tired. You get bored with casual connections with random people. And I want ordinary human happiness: a sea of romance, adrenaline, kisses, love and sex without a condom.

Having embarked on the path of looking for love and long-term relationships, you may be surprised to find that finding a good girl for yourself is quite difficult. How do you find those with whom you can build a nest? How to start a last romance? With whom you can spend not moments, but eternity. How to make promising acquaintances with a potential dream girl?

The path to the last novel is not close, but it must be started. You can't leave your personal life at will.

Your last romance

The right target audience for the latest novel

For the last novel, no random people are taken. Carefully and wisely approach potential candidates for companionship.

Looking for a good girlfriend in the nightclubs between the dance floor and the bar is rather unwise. Such girls are either of the easiest views, or are not yet ready to start a relationship for a long time. Do not look for gold among the dung, but look wherever it may be.

How to check a girl for commercialism? Girls who only want your money
How to check a girl for commercialism? Girls who only want your money

It is useless to reeducate a girl for yourself. Don't try to change the one that doesn't want it. It won't get better than it is. Either accept and accept, or find another heroine of the latest novel.

Choose from those that are appropriate for the relationship. Who are ripe, and do not suffer in the search for themselves. Who know what they want. Who did away with cockroaches, tantrums and the search for a prince on a white horse. Who are also in search of a hero for their latest novel.

Silly fantasies of not the last novel

Do not rush to write her down as the heroine of the latest novel.

You periodically correspond and talk on the phone. The girl agreed to go on a date a couple of times. But everything is going pretty rotten and sluggish, despite the efforts on your part.

At this moment, you start to fantasize and dream. You put on rose-colored glasses and set off on a journey with a tragic end. It won't work, but you are pulling this suitcase without a handle.

You should not build castles that you will be able to fall in love with a girl who does not show interest and does not take steps towards. Conquest and unjustified pressure, in 99 cases out of 100, lead nowhere. Don't waste time, money and nerves.

Stop fantasizing and dreaming. Face the truth. Now go find a new girl. Choose from those girls who choose you. The heroine of your latest novel is taking steps forward. That way you can recognize her.

Ring for a girl: all about the treasured jewelry
Ring for a girl: all about the treasured jewelry
Your last romance
Your last romance

Do not force the events of the last romance

The novel can be the last one if you are not in a hurry. Many events fall apart due to the inability to wait for the right moment. Do not press on the girl and do not demand sex before she is ready. Do not call to live together or get married if she is not yet ripe. Forcing events, pressure and neglect of the feelings of the other half leads to separation.

Very often, instead of a smooth joint walk on the waves of love, we break the oars, trying to turn around sharply or knock it over. Let everything take its course. Don't ruin a promising relationship out of impatience. Don't get into a fever.

Become aware of the feelings

Is this definitely the last novel? Become aware of yourself and your feelings.

Are you sure you feel love, and not attraction, crush or boredom? Don't you confuse loneliness weariness with love?

Do you get tired of the girl and break up the relationship first? You destroy the relationship in anticipation of who and what is not clear. Maybe it’s not love that’s gone, but you’re bored, not satisfied with the job, or are you confused?

Become aware of the feelings and try not to cut off the shoulder. Impulsiveness and misunderstanding of oneself ruins many relationships that could be the best in the world.

We will all have our last romance. When we find the girl of our dreams and ourselves.

Your last novel is waiting for you. Where there will be only two heroes. You and she.

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