How to improve brain productivity
How to improve brain productivity

Happy and healthy people are more creative and more productive. What can affect the functioning of the brain and what prevents you from achieving the desired results in life? How to improve brain productivity?

The human brain is always in motion, every day up to a hundred thousand different thoughts rush through your head, while in today's crazy rhythm of life we experience a much greater load than our grandparents did in their time. Add in more work hours, traffic jams, various distractions, and increased stress levels.

How can we deal with the insanity in our daily life and provide our brain with a normal working environment? Here's a quick rundown of what can affect how it works and what prevents you from achieving the results you want.

What an uncontrollable brain is like

Constant transitions from thought to thought, doubts, resemble the behavior of a monkey that jumps from one tree to another. This phenomenon is called an uncontrollable or monkey brain. Buddha also described the consciousness of an ordinary person who was easily distracted and was in constant motion, like a monkey mind.

What does our productivity depend on?

People sometimes get so busy creating their own productive lifestyles, but sometimes you just need to stop, relax and turn on the most important tool - the mind.

If you are a busy person with a busy schedule and a lot of tasks to be completed on a tight schedule, you send too many signals to the brain, and you end up becoming jittery and distracted.

Improving performance
Improving performance

Constantly jumping thoughts give you a feeling of anxiety, you can be overwhelmed by a feeling of fear, and you will not be able to focus on one thing for a long time.

The inability to organize the brain is one of the most common performance blockers.

There are often situations where there are so many things to do that you don’t know what to do and where to start. You are not aware of what is happening at the present time. This is due to the fact that you are not able to adjust focus, do not know how to deal with distractions, thus simply burning your brain and mental resources.

If you constantly switch between tasks, instead of concentrating on one thing, then in the end you will not do a single thing qualitatively. You seem to be doing more, but the quality of the work can be significantly reduced.

Your brain is distracted by secondary tasks, you waste time and energy. All these are significant prerequisites for stress, the brain will not be able to work efficiently, which will also significantly affect your productivity.

Meditation can help improve brain function and performance

Monk meditation is a great way to improve your own productivity. When you practice meditation, your brain is in peace and harmony. Meditative techniques provide clarity of mind, thoughts, harmonization of life takes place.

The Buddha demonstrated how meditation techniques can pacify the monkeys in your head. Regular practice helps to develop strength, concentration, creativity, the ability to focus and relax, improves mental ability, increases productivity.

Self-development tips
Self-development tips

Meditation helps you achieve awareness - a special mental state when you feel yourself in the present time. Research clearly shows that meditation helps you focus on the task at hand for longer, less distraction, improves memory, and reduces the likelihood of stress.

Improving concentration and productivity

Concentrate on the present moment and accept everything that is happening around you. Don't worry about the past, future, or anything else that is important to you at this time. You will be able to get more done because meditation techniques will help you focus on the task, adjust to it, and not get distracted. Awareness will allow you to enjoy the work you do, and you will do your best to do so.

Purposeful effort will be more rewarded than when you work with distracted attention.

Be focused, let go of secondary things, focus on the important things. A clear mind will tell you what is important to you in life in the present moment, and what is a waste of energy and time. So you can switch and not waste energy on matters of secondary importance.

How a trained brain works

A trained and focused brain creates a sense of peace and well-being, you are confident in what you are doing, and this increases motivation. Several scientific studies have shown that meditation reduces stress hormones, the brain starts to work steadily and with focus. Performance improves and you are not in danger of severe depression.

Happy and healthy people are more creative and more productive.

How to increase productivity, start to keep up with everything and live better?
How to increase productivity, start to keep up with everything and live better?

Boost your productivity by eliminating the incessant chatter in your head that can drive you insane if left unchecked. Doing meditation will improve your productivity and the efficiency of the work you do. Avoid ineffective multitasking practice and enjoy life by living at a more relaxed pace.

Start your next morning on a specific schedule to keep your mind clear throughout the day:

make a list of priority tasks;


do the exercise before you start your to-do list;

a nutritious balanced breakfast is the right start to the day.

Forming new habits is not always easy. You may feel insecure or uncomfortable, but if you are unshakable in your decision, new habits will become a part of your day, they will magically work on you, forming a clear mind and a productive lifestyle.

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