How to motivate a woman to take care of herself
How to motivate a woman to take care of herself

How to motivate a woman to look after herself, be sexy and desirable? Many girls stop taking care of themselves when they read to live together. They get fat, get sloppy and careless.

When you first began your relationship with this woman, she was fire. You wanted her. First I wanted to, then I fell in love. It is in this sequence.

Today you still love her, but you don't want her anymore. You endured for a long time, closed your eyes to how the appearance of your beloved is changing for the worse, but now you are ready to admit: your woman is no longer fire.

If at the time of your acquaintance she looked the way she looks now, you would not have asked her out on a date. And she doesn't seem to notice her fall on the stairs of a sexy woman.

She eats with gusto, has made an unassuming hairstyle, dissects around the house in a cute, as it seems to her, home suit. Syusyuket, already driving her teeth! Annoys.

Despite this, she is her own person: reliable, beloved. You don't want to cheat on her: crawl on other people's sheets, flinch from unauthorized SMS at night, lie, dodge, feel like a scoundrel. All you want is for your woman to put herself in order and become outwardly the one that you once fell for.

How to do it? How to stimulate a woman to take care of herself if she lives in the happy ignorance of how unattractive her appearance has become to you?

Ideal type of girl
Ideal type of girl

I'll start with what you should never do. You can't tell a woman that she has grown ugly. Not in any form. There are no ways to delicately convey this idea to a woman.

You can choose your words for a long time and, in the end, squeeze out of yourself: "Darling, when you were a little thinner, I liked you more." The effect will be the same as if you said: "You are a pig, which I am not worth."

They will take offense at you. You will not be forgiven.

It is very likely that a woman will try to provoke your jealousy in order to prove that she is wanted in this form. However, do not expect changes for the better in appearance.

All you can achieve with criticism is the development of an inferiority complex in your woman, which will greatly spoil the life of not only her, but also you. The woman will transfer dissatisfaction with herself to you. The number of claims against you will increase threefold. Do you need it?


Then listen here.

How to motivate a woman to take care of herself
How to motivate a woman to take care of herself

The smartest way to push a woman to be beautiful is with compliments. Sincere. Frequent. Necessarily - in essence.

Perched your woman for once on hairpins, do not be silent like a log. Tell her how much you like these particular shoes. About how disgusting her crocs are to you, be silent. Praise the heels. With a high degree of probability, a woman will get up on them more often.

Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship
Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship

When your woman does the styling instead of the usual “spit on her palms, smoothed her hair and scratched,” do not miss this moment: note it with admiration.

Lose weight by a kilogram - have passionate sex with her. The more she loses weight, the more sophisticated you will be in bed.

And so - in everything: from heels to weight.

If you respond to changes for the better in a woman's appearance, there will be more of these changes.

If you remain silent, she will decide that you do not notice her efforts, like cellulite, and, therefore, you can relax.

It's clear? Go ahead, cho.

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