Where to meet girls
Where to meet girls

If a girl wants to be filmed, she doesn't care where it happens. But some places are better for meeting girls than others. Where and how can a girl be filmed?

The answer is quite simple: anywhere. You can meet a girl at the top of Everest if she happens to be there. According to twenty-five beauties, if a girl wants to be "removed", she does not care about where it will happen. If only it happened!

Cathy: "You can meet me anywhere."

Marilus: "It can happen anywhere."

Lisa: "Almost anywhere."

Koini: “I am ready to meet young people in bars, restaurants, at dances. Almost everywhere."

This is the general opinion of all my interlocutors. Of course, some places are better for meeting girls than others. In any case, there are differences between them. For example, if you are meeting a girl in church, your approach should be slightly different from that used at your local bar. Taking pictures of a woman in an elevator requires you to be more agile than traveling across the country. Now we will discuss the places where you can meet a girl, and we will try to highlight the features of the corresponding approaches.


In the old days, the appearance of a woman in a bar without a companion was considered something indecent. We automatically assumed the worst. And, probably, in half of the cases they turned out to be right.

Making eye contact with a girl
Making eye contact with a girl

This is not the case today. Singles bars are opening all over the country. Surely there are at least a dozen of them within a mile radius of your home. They are very popular. Long lines line up in front of them on Saturday nights. However, this expectation pays off handsomely. You will find many free girls outside the door of the establishment. They want to find themselves a gentleman. The advantages of such bars include the fact that the visitor whom you "take off" usually does not count on long-term courtship and quickly goes to bed with you. I have heard many stories of how men made love literally an hour after they met. What else can you dream of? So if you find yourself in a singles bar on Saturday night and have your eyes on a lonely girl, do not hesitate.

Don't rack your brains out with a witty approach. It is enough to say: “Hello. My name is …". As a rule, these establishments are so crowded that the girl will not be able to leave you, even if she wants to do so.

Where can you meet girls
Where can you meet girls


If you spend a lot of time on buses, trains, or planes, there are many great opportunities to meet women. Take airplanes, for example. Sooner or later, you will find yourself in a chair next to a pretty girl. Only a fool would not take such a chance. Ask where she is going. Ask where she comes from. Ask if you messed up the flight. Talk to her. You've got an excellent listener who will be with you for several hours. She can only go to the toilet for a while. You have enough time to win her sympathy. After boarding, help her carry her luggage. Invite her to sit in the same taxi with you. Invite her to have lunch together. If the firm pays for your expenses, take the girl to an expensive restaurant. Stay at the same hotel as your travel companion. Who knows - maybe you will end up in the same room.

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What is love? 55 unusual facts about love

A friend of mine almost made love to a girl on the train, where he met her. He knew there was a long road ahead of him, so he grabbed a bottle of whiskey. Suddenly my friend saw a seductive blonde sitting on the other side of the aisle. He spoke to her. Soon she was drinking whiskey with him. After a while, they began kissing passionately. My friend was surprised that the conductor did not let them both off the train.

If you commute to work or college by bus or train, keep your eyes wide - you can see the girl you like. This will likely happen at least two to three times a week. Seeing such a girl, try to sit next to her. In a few days, you will unwittingly become old acquaintances - even if you don't speak. You can say without embarrassment, for example, the following phrase: "If this train is late again, I will personally kill the driver." Or: "Where do you work?" You don't need to demonstrate amazing wit. Just be brave and say something.


When you meet a woman in a restaurant, you can show special dignity. A very effective approach is using a waiter as a messenger. Ask him to take the champagne to the pretty girl you spotted in the hall. Or ask him to ask her if she will allow the gentleman in the purple tie (that is, you) to keep her company. You may find this method silly. But many women like him. They've seen similar scenes in movies. We read about them in love stories. By acting in this way, you will give the impression of an experienced and well-mannered person. Of course, many young people are hesitant to take such a step. They are afraid to seem stupid. This is really stupid. A man who finds the courage to do such an act will surely succeed. Women love men who are able to act in an original, bold, unexpected way. And not afraid to seem stupid. They seem more interesting and romantic.

What to do if someone rolls up to a girl or wife?
What to do if someone rolls up to a girl or wife?

There is another method that can be used in a restaurant. If you are sitting next to a girl you like (at the counter or at the table), ask her if she has eaten here before. If she says no, say that you've been here before and found the veal cutlets excellent. If she says yes, ask what to order. This way you will bring her into conversation.


Museums are a great place to meet women, especially if you prefer the serious intellectuals. When you "shoot" a girl admiring works of art, what is happening looks more dignified in her eyes. She thinks she has met someone with similar interests. He just happened to be of the opposite sex.

Wander around the museum on Saturday and you will see many lonely girls contemplating beautiful paintings. Do you want to know the truth? Ninety-nine percent of these girls will agree to forget about painting forever for the sake of the right man. They are dying to meet him. First of all, they go to museums just for this. I am not saying that they are completely indifferent to painting. I'm sure they like her. It just seems to me that they prefer to admire the paintings with their companions.

Gale: “Museums are a great place to meet. I love art. When I meet a man in a museum, I assume that he is also interested in art."

Harriet: “The museum is a wonderful place to meet. You always feel comfortable there. Everything happens naturally. It is not customary in museums to be prim."

Short compliments to the girl. How to turn a girl's head with killer compliments?
Short compliments to the girl. How to turn a girl's head with killer compliments?

The best way to get to know each other in a museum is to linger in front of the painting until the girl you like is next to you. Say something about the canvas, referring partly to yourself, partly to the girl. Pretend that the painting shocked you so much that you felt an urgent need to express your emotions. It always turns on girls who are interested in art.

Jennifer: “When both of you are standing in front of the picture, one of you has the right to comment on what you saw. The second person can respond to this line. In the museum, "renting" happens naturally, at ease. This is what I like. This way of meeting men looks very civilized and decent."

A friend of mine has visited the best museums in Europe using the same technique. He managed to meet seventeen girls in fourteen museums. Among them were a spectacular Swede, a Frenchwoman, an Italian, two Canadians, a Chinese model and several beauties of other nationalities.

The moral of the story is clear. Head to the museum and let yourself be carried away by painting. Perhaps a few art lovers will be attracted to you.

Swimming places

Beaches, swimming pools, lakes are excellent places to "rent". There you will see many young beauties with seductive figures sunbathing by the water. Don't miss this chance. They want you to approach them. Why do you think they wear such exciting costumes? Men often ignore this circumstance. It is said that women actually dress up for other women. This is not true. They spend a lot of time in front of the mirror just for you. And lie on the beach ninety percent naked in order to attract your attention. Take advantage of this. All you need to do is sit down next to the girl and say some kind of banality. For example: "Awesome day." That's all.

How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?
How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?

Route: “The beach is a great place. There the girl does not think that she is being “filmed”. When she meets a man, she looks quite respectable in her own eyes."

I don't know what this is about, but activities such as swimming, tennis, golf and other outdoor sports seem to be especially suitable for girls to meet men. For some reason, “shooting” on sports grounds seems to the weaker sex to be healthy, positive, truly American.

Alike: “The ski slopes are a great place to 'take off', if you like to use that word. I prefer to call it dating. They take place on the slopes, in the queue near the ski lift, in the funicular carriages. Or during lunch at a hotel, when everyone is sitting close to each other at large wooden tables."

Perhaps this can be explained by the influence of fresh air.


Personally, I love parks. In my humble opinion, they are the best place to “pick up”. "Why?" - you ask. They are especially poetic. When a girl feels lonely or saddened by something, she goes to the park. One. Finds a secluded place to sit there. She is waiting for a nice, sensitive person to share her problems with. If you see a girl sitting on the grass, you can be one hundred percent sure that she came to the park to make an acquaintance. This is so, even if she herself thinks differently. Trees, bushes, lawns create an atmosphere that helps the girl to reveal her soul.

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30 curious facts about love

A friend of mine is married to a charming girl whom he met a few years ago in New York's Central Park. He noticed her sitting alone near a tree, where she was reading a book. Approaching the girl, the young man said: “Hello. What are you reading?" Since this all started.

I highly recommend you visit the nearest park on a sunny spring day. Find a pretty girl sitting alone - preferably with a sad face. Tell her in a friendly way, "What a wonderful day." I almost guarantee you that you will "remove" it.

Other hunting grounds

I will name a few more places where it is easy to meet a girl.

Go to the library and sit at the same table with the beauty.

Sign up for an adult evening course.

Join a local political party club.

Take part in a demonstration for nuclear disarmament. You will benefit society and yourself. I have heard many stories of men meeting amazing women at various demonstrations. You can do the same.

Try to "shoot" a saleswoman in a good supermarket. They are often pretty and even smart. They get bored all day fiddling with goods. They are waiting for the moment when a brave guy like you will cheer them up.

Pretend you are choosing a gift for your mother or sister in a fashion salon. These places are a "gold mine" because there are always many young and beautiful girls.

Go to church. There are always girls there during the service. Acquaintance near the temple will happen naturally, without much effort and feelings of awkwardness.

Try to "remove", secretaries, receptionists, receptionists. They are easy prey, because they have to constantly sit at the table and be polite to you.

Visit the large, crowded ice rink. Go dancing. Any place with a lot of girls will do. There, your chances of success will increase.

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